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Sunday, 14th August 2022
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Taoiseach and Tanaiste welcome Alter Domus' creation of 100 new jobs in Cork, to bring its headcount in Ireland to 280
January 27th 2021: Alter Domus has announced it is creating...
Leaving Cert not fit for purpose according to Certified Public Accountants in Ireland president
25th May 2018: A 30% drop in the number of people entering the...
Deals of the Year 2018: Success of AIB's IPO marks a milestone in Ireland’s economic recovery
The winning 'Deal of the Year' in the 'Equity Capital Markets' category is...
Deals of the Year 2018: BOI's new structure brings 1783 Royal Charter bank fully into line with ECB resolution rules
The winning 'Deal of the Year' in the 'Financial Services - Bank...
Deals of the Year 2018: Bidvest’s Noonan deal underlines value of 'cultural fit'
The winning 'Deal of the Year' in the 'Mid Market M&A' category is Bidvest...
Deals of the Year 2018: AIB, EIB and ISIF support economically significant expansion by Port of Cork Company
The winning 'Deal of the Year' in the 'Loans & Financing - Public Sector '...
Deals of the Year 2018: Fastway raises €14m to fund growth spurred by innovative internet shopping solution
The winning 'Deal of the Year' in the 'Loans & Financing SME 'category is the...
Deals of the Year 2018: CRH's return to US dollar bond market a resounding success
The winning 'Deal of the Year' in the 'Debt Capital Markets - Corporate...
Deals of the Year 2018: €27m package helps Joyce Supermarkets double in size
The winning 'Deal of the Year' in the 'Small Market M&A' category is the...
Developing a Belfast-Dublin IFS corridor
In March 2015, the UK Government identified a select number of UK Financial...
AIB report: 62% of businesses are 'not familiar with equity finance'
Most Irish SMEs rely on traditional forms of finance to grow their business,...
BPFI CEO Noel Brett backs fintech, but warns that we must be vigilant about the risks implicit in new ventures
'In this regard we have identified a number of issues that need to be...
BREXIT CURRENCY MOVEMENT READY RECKONER: Sterling slide continues as new lows see currency down by more than 15% post Brexit against the euro, and over 18% against the US dollar
Tuesday October 11th 2016: Sterling touched a new post Brexit...
In the June issue : A Finance Dublin Survey on the effects of a 'Brexit' on the Irish IFS industry shows that 58 p.c.say it would be ‘bad’ for the IFSC
A Finance Dublin ...
A Day in the Life: AIB Treasury Board member Tom Hall
Tom Hall, head of AIB Customer Treasury Services, is based in the bank's...
Launch of the Strategic Banking Corporation, accompanied by announcement of €400 million SME loan funding by onlenders AIB and Bank of Ireland
The SBCI, a Government initiative to increase the availability of loan...
Deal Focus: DCC’s use of the US debt private placement market, leading to its $750m issuance in March 2014
Niall Kelly, head of group treasury at DCC plc writes about DCC’s...
Booming US private placement market gives Irish companies opportunities to access long term funding
Record demand from US investors in the private placement market, where, last...

The Finance Dublin Debt Clock

The Finance Dublin Irish Government Debt Clock was set at midnight on June 30th 2009, when it was €65.278 billion. It updates the latest official figure for the National Debt of Ireland and since then, the clock has been re-set regularly to reflect changes in debt and GDP figures from the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), and the CSO.

The Debt Clock, launched in July 2009, surpassed €85 billion by the end of December 2010, and it continued to rise precipitously in 2011 and 2012, slowing eventually in 2013.

The blog published by Finance Dublin charted the rise of the debt through this period in Irish economic history of the worst and most challenging phases of the Irish debt crisis. It argued consistently against calls by many economists and commentators, despairing of the potential of the open economy model for the Irish economy followed since the sixties, to default on the national debt. In the end the view prevailed and few since then question that this was the correct strategy as the Irish economy turned around to record 7 p.c. growth in 2015, coinciding with a fall in the debt-GDP ratio as dramatic on the downside as was experienced in the first years of the crisis. For a blow-by-blow account of those years, click on the link above.

Special Reports

Deals of the Year 2021 The Finance Dublin Deals Of The Years Awards 2021

The winners in the Annual Finance Dublin Deals of the Year Awards reflect the continued strength of corporate dealmaking activity despite the pandemic with a number of milestone deals underlining the strength of the Irish economy. The winning deals are in announced in a Special Report in Finance Dublin. The Report highlights the exceptional year of development on many fronts in corporate finance and capital markets in Ireland during the past year. This is reflected in the deals and awards themselves, which reveal remarkable evolution in various markets across the board. Over 200 Deals were nominated by market participants for this year's Awards, which are awarded on an individual basis across 6 broad categories: Mergers & Acquisitions; Debt Capital Markets; Equity Capital Markets; Loans & Financing, Financial Services and Aviation Finance.

Special Reports

The Finance Dublin - Investment Funds 2021

The Finance Dublin Yearbook 2020

Finance Dublin Yearbook & Directory

The 2021 Edition of the FINANCE DUBLIN Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's International Financial Services is published in both print and E paper editions. The Yearbook is Finance Dublin's annual Review & Outlook edition, providing an overview of individual IFSC sectors in the year, and which provides an outlook for the coming year.

The Yearbook also contains an economic analysis of the importance of the IFSC in the Irish economy.

Click here to visit Finance Jobs.ie, Ireland's leading jobs site for financial services.

All finance sectors and the IFSC are covered:
accountancy jobs, funds jobs, banking jobs, legal and compliance jobs, stockbroking and corporate finance jobs, jobs in practice, taxation jobs, financial services jobs, insurance jobs

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