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Friday, 30th January 2015
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Ireland's financial services magazine, established in 1987
McCann FitzGerald appoints Barry Devereux as the next Chairman of the firm
He takes over in May from John Cronin, who will return to full-time client...
Bank of Ireland raises €750m of long term secured funding in covered bonds at yield of 0.527%
13 January 2015: Continuing in the successful vein of Irish...
The global financial environment in 2015: a framework forecast for FDs and corporate treasurers
Economic forecasting is an inexact science, if even it can be regarded as a...
Corporate finance sees upsurge in 2014, with more promised for 2015
With latest figures showing European IPO activity reaching levels last seen...
Deal Focus: DCC’s use of the US debt private placement market, leading to its $750m issuance in March 2014
Niall Kelly, head of group treasury at DCC plc writes about DCC’s...
Corporation tax measures in Budget include commitment to the 12.5% corporation tax rate alongside a new patents "knowledge box" scheme
In his Budget speech, The Minister for Finance reiterated Ireland's...
FinanceJobs.ie: Top Jobs this month
CSO data show GNP is up 7% in Q2 2014, over Q2 2013
GNP for the first half of 2014 was up by 6.1 per cent for the half year...
The 'Fintech future' for Ireland - op-ed on the potential from a convergence between the IFSC and the ITC sectors
‘Fintech’ is a word that crops up in a number of articles in...
Citi - Ireland’s international banking success, a template for cross border banking in an era of European banking union
Finance Dublin interviews Aidan Brady, country head of Citi in...
Taoiseach announces at the Irish Funds Industry Association's annual conference that the ICAV Bill will be published 'in the coming weeks'
The Irish Government will publish the long awaited General Scheme of the...
AIFMD still driving the conversations for global funds using Ireland
As an alternative investment specialist, Ian Dillon, partner at William Fry,...
IFSC pay warning arising from Cap IV Directive
Banks and other international financial services firms were warned this month...
Finance Dublin/Finance Magazine Special Report on Corporate Banking in Ireland, June 2014
Click here to read our Special Report on the current state of play in...
Ireland topped eurozone GNP growth in 2013, with 3.4 p.c. rate
The release of the first official estimates for GNP and GDP for Ireland from...
Groundbreaking ABS deal: Irish aircraft lessor Avolon raises US$636m through Fixed Rate Asset Backed Notes issued by an SPV to be listed on the Irish Stock Exchange
Avolon Aerospace Leasing Limited, the Dublin based international aircraft...
Funding diversification is a must for Irish companies
2013 is proving to be a challenging year for companies as they manoeuvre...
Special Report, with August Issue: "Corporate Banking Ireland 2013"
The pulse of corporate funding in Ireland is on the increase, as, first, the...
Booming US private placement market gives Irish companies opportunities to access long term funding
Record demand from US investors in the private placement market, where, last...
Internationalisation of the renminbi an opportunity for IFSC banks to develop services supporting greater trade relationships with China
Citi's CATHAL O'DALY looks at the internationalisation of the Chinese...
A finance background helps women get boardroom positions says ACCA report: "Women in finance; a springboard to corporate board positions?"
A report commissioned by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants...
Impact of Promissory Note replacement with sovereign debt
Impact of Promissory Note replacement with sovereign debt ...
NTMA raises approximately a quarter of 2013 target funding in Syndicated Tap of 2017 bond, at 3.3 p.c. effectively marking the end of Ireland's lockout from bond markets
January 8th:The funds were raised at a yield of 3.316 per cent.
European SE company structure can cut down a group’s regulatory complexity
The Societas Europaea (SE) company structure has been a feature of European...
Bank of Ireland raises €250 million in subordinated bonds, in first junior debt issuance by an Irish bank since the credit crisis began
12th December: In the first issuance of subordinated debt by an...
AIB's €500 m covered bonds further evidence of stabilisation of Irish debt markets
November 29th: The Secretary General of the Department of...
Central Bank signals willingness to consider opening of non-EU headquartered bank branches in Ireland, in significant shift signalled in interview with Finance Dublin
November 19th: The Financial Regulator, Matthew Elderfield, has...
Credit rating agency Fitch has adjusted its outlook for Ireland from "negative" to "stable", in the first credit rating agency upgrade since Ireland's IMF bailout
November 14th: A spokesman for Ireland's National Treasury...
Bank of Ireland raises €1 billion of 3 year un-guaranteed secured covered bonds in its first public benchmark transaction since October 2010
November 13th: In the first benchmark-size euro denominated...
An agenda for creating a successful corporate cash, and liquidity, culture
Jimmy Doyle considers how corporates can create a successful ‘cash...
Contingency plans for financial contracts in the case of a counter party’s country exiting EMU
James Richards outlines the issues that a contracting party should be aware...
The KPMG Tax Monitor: Global Forum on Transparency
COLM ROGERS reports that last month an OECD forum known as the Global Forum...
Deloitte Financial Reporting Brief: Clear and concise reporting - achievable?
Clutter in annual reports is a problem, obscuring relevant information and...
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The Finance Dublin Debt Clock

The Finance Dublin Irish Government Debt Clock was set at midnight on June 30th 2009, when it was €65.278 billion. It updates the latest figures for the National Debt of Ireland. The clock is re-set periodically, to reflect changes in debt and deficit estimates from the Dept of Finance, the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), and independent economists.

The Debt Clock, launched in July 2009, surpassed €85 billion, up from €65 billion in July 2010 and it has shown little sign of moderating in 2010 to date, rising by €8.3 bn since the end of December 2010.

This, as well as recent assessments from the IMF, Moodys and others underlines the advisability of deeper current and capital expenditure cuts than has been advised by the Government and the ESRI, as well as greater efforts than signalled to date to broaden the tax base, currently heavily reliant on PAYE workers, particularly those in higher bands.

Special Reports

Corporate Banking Ireland 2014

Corporate Banking Ireland 2014 surveys the range of banking services available in Ireland to major companies, surveying the opportunities, and the overall state of play regarding funding, and financing for major companies in Ireland now.

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Special Reports

Deals of the Year Awards 2014

The winners in this year's Finance Dublin Deals of the Year unearth a number of themes in effect in corporate Ireland. Reading between the lines one can see that the recovery in the economy continues and also how Ireland's leading corporates continue to navigate through a difficult funding environment by successfully raising finance both through the capital markets and through commercial lending.

Investment Funds Ireland

Investment Funds Ireland 2014, a special report on Ireland's funds industry for the international hedge fund and funds industry is a definitive showcase for Ireland's funds industry targeted to, among others, the global hedge fund and funds industry at a time of opportunity on many fronts.

Special Report: Ireland: Aviation Finance Hub

Ireland: Aviation Finance Hub

The Special Report Ireland: International Aviation Finance Hub examines one of the most interesting jurisdictions in the world as a centre of aircraft financing - the Republic of Ireland. Its significance lies in its scale in the global financing of aviation, second only to the United States in aircraft leasing and trading activity. In the past year, it is estimated that financing of the order of $20 billion has been undertaken through Ireland, mostly through the channel of its aircraft leasing companies.

Finance Dublin Yearbook & Directory 2014

Finance Dublin Yearbook 2014

The 2014 Edition of the FINANCE DUBLIN Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's International Financial Services is published in both print, and Page Flipping/'Flash' editions. The Yearbook is Finance Dublin's annual Review & Outlook edition, providing an overview of the key issues and developments in the individual IFSC sectors in the past year, and which provides an assessment of the outlook for 2014-2015.

The Yearbook also contains an economic asssessment of the growing importance of the IFSC in the Irish economy, and its contribution to the accelerating recovery in 2013-2014.

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