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Finance Magazine - August 2000 Issue

Salaries accelerate, but top firms see slowdown in 2000-2001
Salary increases amongst most of Ireland’s top twenty accountancy firms have run in the 11 to 20 per cent range in the past year, an acceleration on the previous year’s already significant rate of increase.
Bank review targets M&A exemptions
The government’s working group review of Irish banks advises that the Regulatory authority should monitor competition in the sector.
Thumbs up for financial system
Encouragement for both the Irish Government and the Central Bank has come from the IMF in its annual review of the Irish economy, published in mid August.
International banks claims
International banks’ claims on Ireland and Irish residents totaled US$113 billion at the end of March 2000, according to new data released by the Bank for International Settlements in August.
Finance stockbroking survey published in October
It is the time of year again when fund managers sharpen their pencils in preparation for rating Irish Stockbroking firms and analysts in the Finance Stockbroking survey.
ABN AMRO head endorses Dublin
A former star of Finance’s annual Stockbroking Survey, Joe Gill of ABN AMRO, has been appointed head of equity sales of the European Network of ABN AMRO, Europe’s third largest investment bank.
Trend to go country increases
As more companies respond to the infrastructural bottlenecks in Dublin, the summer has seen a proliferation of new financial projects being established outside of the capital.
S&P says Ireland displays ‘troubled credit quality’
Ireland is among fifteen countries which ‘display troubled credit quality’, according to Standard & Poor’s in its latest report on ‘Global financial system stress’.
AIB launches online fx service - AIBdealer.com
AIB Corporate & Commercial Treasury will launch its 24-hour online foreign exchange dealing system AIBdealer.com in September.
New legal partners
A&L Goodbody Solicitors added five new partners to the practice this month.
Canada Life launches German products through Ireland
Canada Life’s Irish operations have been used as the springboard for launching two insurance products in Germany.
E&Y go online
Ernst & Young have launched an internet-based advice service to offer clients 24 hour access the company’s advice services.
NTMA chief criticises S&P for less than top rating
Rapid internationalisation of Irish bond holdings.
CFOs still use traditional methods in new economy evaluations
A study finds that, despite chief financial officers' doubts about the ability of traditional metrics to evaluate new economy business, most still use them for capital appropriation decisions.
The annual Finance Accountancy Survey shows again how closely the accountancy, tax and associated consulting profession reflects the development of the Irish economy.
Syndicated lending - the essentials for a successful deal
BNP Paribas recently co-lead managed a E500 million syndicated term loan and facility for ICC Bank with Bayerische Landesbank Gireozentrale. Among the participants in the 21 bank syndication were Westdeutsche Landesbank (Ireland), Banca Commerciale Italiana (Ireland), IIB Bank, Bank of Scotland, Bankgesellschaft Berlin (Ireland) and Unicredito Italiano Bank (Ireland). Simon Alloca of BNP Paribas sets out the process involved in syndicated borrowing.
Top accountancy firm fees jump 16 per cent
Salaries and recruitment rise sharply, as giant PricewaterhouseCoopers edges towards IEP100 million
The big five comment on practice and market issues
A selection of leading managing partners comment on regulation, the economy, practice management and the distinctiveness of culture
Working with an SAP system - the AIB perspective
AIB Group has worked with SAP for the past 5 years and recently turned to the company to help implement a more flexible approach to their staff travel needs. Michael Baume, manager of operations shares the groups’ experiences.
Irish acquisitions value up but volume static
Acquisitions by Irish companies in the first half of the year reveal a bid to grow internationally, particularly in the US but also show that some sectors including financial services have experienced a marked decline in activity.
Mr. Financial Services
Brendan Logue of the IDA tackles recruiting staff in the financial services sector, and in his own office.
Are we good Europeans?
A recent European Court of Justice judgment puts in doubt Ireland’s tax treatment of companies who receive dividends from other EU companies. It also reminds us of the extent of unlawful discrimination against EU resident companies in the Irish tax code.
Being business friendly
Our current 10% corporation tax rate and prospective 12.5% corporation tax rate are world beaters. However incoming investment in high tech areas, attracted by these rates, faces problems from out of date rules.
Transfer pricing
Rumours have been circulating that Ireland may introduce transfer pricing rules into its taxation code. It is not clear what need they would meet. It is clear they would be expensive to administer.
Value for Money Auditing
Aidan Horan argues that value for money audits are an important element in the strategic management of organisations.
Should the tax year end change?
The Minister has announced a change of tax year end from 6 April to 31 December. Are there any benefits and are they worth the bother?
Who’s who in Finance: Aziz McMahon, Economist, Ulster Bank Group Treasury
Who’s who in Finance: John Moclair, Head of Fixed Income Sales, BNP Paribas, Dublin Branch
Who’s who in Finance: Eoin Fahy, Senior Economist, KBC Asset Management (formerly UBIM)
Who's who in Finance: Colm Fagan, Managing Director, Life Strategies Limited
Tough at the top for AIB
AIB's chief executive Tom Mulcahy speaks candidly to Finance on the DIRT tax audits, the company's share price and the wider issue of regulation.
William R. Cotter is Chief Executive Asset & Wealth Management Services at Bank of Ireland Group.
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