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Finance Magazine - June 2001 Issue

Euro - firms warned time is running out for changeover
Warnings of widespread lack of preparation as over 60 p.c. opt for Jan 1st changeover date
Reassessing Ireland’s competitiveness
A recent forum in Dublin heard that it is time to reassess Ireland’s competitive edge.
Getting a slice of the Irish pension fundGetting a slice of the Irish pension fundGetting a slice of the Irish pension fund
Asset management companies hoping to get business from the National Pension Reserve Fund (NPRF) are getting closer to finding out who the successful companies will be.
The (fully fledged) euro looms larger and larger
Realising the revolution
OECD director William Witherell addresses why the share of e-finance remains a small portion of financial services.
CFOs in the dark about ERP
Irish chief financial officers show a surprising lack of understanding about the possible benefits of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, budgeting/reporting tools and eBusiness, according to a study carried out by Deloitte & Touche.
Pension fund inefficiencies cost millions
A recent pension seminar held by the Society of Actuaries in Ireland has heard that pension fund inefficiencies cost schemes millions of pounds each year.
Employee share schemes to become more important part of pay package
Employee share schemes are set to increase as part of the overall design of compensation packages for employees, according to human resource consultants, Mercer, who are currently holding a series of seminars for employers on this subject.
Online test for euro readiness
One of the fastest ways to check how your preparations are going for the changeover to the euro is to log onto www.ie.cgey.co From this site you can
EU move to ‘fair value’ brings IAS closer for listed companies
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland has welcomed the EU’s move towards the adoption of ‘fair value’ accounting rules saying it will bring International Accounting Standards for EU listed companies a step closer.
Majority opt for January 1st changeover
As time runs out for firms to plan for the euro changeover we review what’s left to be done.
Euro timebomb about to explode
Yvonne Cullen says that the timing of detailed preparatory steps will be determined by a company’s preferred changeover date, but says businesses should remember that key customers/suppliers may have a significant bearing on when to convert, so it may not be entirely a matter of choice.
Irish SMEs failing to fast track euro preparations
Vince D’Arcy reviews the state of readiness of SMEs in Ireland as the date for euro conversion looms ever closer.
Misunderstanding the euro issues
IBM’s latest survey of European companies finds that banking and financial services are not as far advanced in their euro preparations as previously thought, and that many Irish companies are still under misconceptions about what the euro changeover involves.
Legal aspects of changeover
Companies failing to convert their share capital to euros may end up with awkward figures according to Leonora Malone.
Digital services and VAT confusion
The EU have still not arrived at a solution to the levying of VAT on e-commerce. Normally business would welcome a failure to levy taxes. In this case however the lack of progress handicaps EU digital supplies and favours their non EU competitors. A solution is urgent.
When interest is a trade receipt
The Revenue Commissioners have published their views as to when deposit interest income constitutes the receipt of a trade, rather than income taxable as such. The statement has no legal standing. Nonetheless it is likely to be decisive in determining the matter in most cases.
A busy time for tax matters in the Courts
The Superior Courts in the last months have delivered themselves of more judgements in tax matters than Ireland normally produces in an entire year. Whereas tax litigation is voluminous in the UK and before the European Court of Justice, it is a rare matter in Ireland.
Changes afoot for Irish insurance industry
Simon Glancy sets out a series of scenarios that he believes will influence developments in the insurance industry over the next five years and also discusses some strategic options for companies operating in the sector.
Risk management ‘hot job’ of the decade
Nicola Flavin looks at the rising role of the risk manager within Irish businesses and finds that it is the ‘hot job’ of the moment.
Using asset allocation to maximise return potential
Shane Buckley outlines the potential for lowering investment risk and increasing returns by using an asset allocation strategy.
European private banking ‘too optimistic’
The results of a survey just launched by PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests that there are leaner times ahead for European private banks and wealth managers as competition intensifies in the market.
Who’s who in Finance: Gerry Murray, Treasurer, First Active plc
Who's who in Finance: Larry Gordon, Head of Financial Markets, ING Barings/Bank Brussels Lambert , Dublin branches
Who’s who in Finance: Aengus Murphy, Chairman, FTI
Irish equities find favour in a balanced portfolio
Robert Hegt suggests ways to ensure that investment strategies are balanced so that reward is reflective of risk. He finds that domestic equities are often a good ingredient for this and he believes that Irish equities do have a place in a global balanced portfolio.
Predicting the economy
We caught up with Colin Hunt, head of research at Goodbody Stockbrokers, just before the UK elections to follow his day from writing economic briefings, keeping abreast of the global market moves and dealing with a mound of paper.
Staying abreast of the operational risk landscape
Richard Pike looks at how Schroders has dealt with the task of incorporating increasingly sophisticated risk management tools across its business systems.
Integrating internet applications is key to success
Tim McCarthy explains how the direct business model used at Dell can benefit financial services companies and deliver benefits to the bottom line.
Corporate Governance of hedge funds
Julian Bartlett asks whether corporate governance is relevant to hedge funds, and finds that a strong regulatory environment will help to broaden the appeal of this type of fund to a wider investment community.
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