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Friday, 12th April 2024
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Online test for euro readiness Back  
One of the fastest ways to check how your preparations are going for the changeover to the euro is to log onto www.ie.cgey.co

From this site you can download ‘Ten Steps to Euro Compliance’ a product created by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, who felt the euro test would be an easy to use tool for companies preparing for the euro. The euro test examines issues such as ensuring third party software is euro-ready and how to change in-house systems as well as euro training for staff. An example of the type of question asked is ‘has your business considered how to handle transactions initiated in Irish pounds before January 1st 2002 and concluded in euro after January 1st 2002?’

The test is completed by answering a series of questions. If you answer any of the questions negatively you need to take urgent action to address the issue. LizAnn Doyle, Euro services delivery manager, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young in Ireland said that the euro test was developed to help companies plan for the imminent euro changeover. She also stressed how it is important to be well prepared so as to avoid fraud and frustration amongst customers and staff.

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