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Finance Magazine - September 2001 Issue

Economists believe that Budget should reverse ‘skills tax’
The Survey has seen the emphasis on supply-side measures remain, while the majority have called for the reintroduction for the employers PRSI ceiling, removed in last year’s Budget.
Dealing service wins in stockbroking survey
John Sheehan is voted analyst of the year in Finance’s 15th annual stockbroking survey.
Market conditions remain stable
Recruitment still robust in financial services.
Medium term policy moves to the fore
Quality of democracy is key to Ireland’s future economic prosperity
At the Humbert Summer School in Ballina last month Ken O’Brien puts forward the IFSC as a case study of the success of Ireland’s developing democracy.
Buckley defends cuts
Gensec expansion eyes London office
Gensec Ireland plans to open a London office by year-end as part of a three stranded expansion measure. the company also plans to recruit 13 staff, expand it product range and move to larger premises in Dublin.
Securities lending operation launched in Ireland
Securities lending is an activity whereby a security is transferred from a lender to a borrower on a temporary basis and eventually returned.
O’Connor to head up National Pension Reserve Fund
Ronan O'Connor spoke to Fiona Reddan as he takes up his position at head of the National Pension Reserve Fund and addresses his plans for the fund.
Continue supply side policies in Budget and beyond
PRSI u-turn needed in upcoming Budget
Colin Hunt calls on Charlie McCreevey to proceed with individualism, focus on tax bands and make a u-turn on the abolishment of the ceiling on employers PRSI.
Do not reduce Ireland’s competitiveness
Eoin Fahy believes that the Minister should keep cutting taxes and widen the bands of taxation.
Developing a medium term economic framework is key
Dominick Sutton believes that constructing a medium term economic framework is the key to a successful budget.
The election may need a big Budget but the economy needs a small Budget
Austin Hughes says the economy needs the Minister to hold a tighter rein than he would like in the upcoming Budget.
Allocation of scarce resources
Oliver Mangan calls on the Minister to practice the true art of economics in the upcoming Budget: the allocation of scare resources.
Sort out the PRSI/tax mess
Dan McLaughlin believes that last year’s decision to abolish the ceiling on employers PRSI made little sense.
Supply-side emphasis in tax reform should be continued
Dermot O’Brien believes that overall budgetary strategy should emphasise supply-side measures within a framework of targeted budget surpluses.
Hard choices must be made between increasing spending or reducing taxes
Alan McQuaid says public spending is the most important consideration in the next budget.
Calling for prudence in an uncertain market
Jim Power believes that delivering a ‘boring’ budget with fewer ‘heroics’ will serve the country best.
Increasing competitiveness should be cornerstone of Budget
Aziz McMahon believes that controlling growth in public spending is the biggest objective of the next Budget.
Financial services recruitment not suffering
Sue Stuart looks at the effects of the economic downturn on recruitment in financial services. She spoke with several of the leading financial services recruitment companies in the annual Finance Financial Services Recruitment Survey.
Outlook good for the funds industry in Ireland
Paul McGowan identifies trends in the funds sector that suggest it will maintain its attractiveness for employment opportunites.
O’Hare & Associates fee income up 13p.c.
Leading accountancy firm O’Hare & Associates recorded a 13 per cent rise in fee income in the year to April 30 2001.
Staff retention up in slowing market
Helen Morris looks at the trends in financial services recruitment with and finds that careers in fund administration, e-finance and insurance are the pick of the crop.
Ireland remains a vibrant profit centre for international financial services
Despite recent high profile job losses, financial services remain a vibrant profit centre and recruitment prospects are expected to remain stable, writes Fiona Reddan.
Steady increase in corporate banking employment opportunities
Gerry Manning looks at how the diversity of corporate banking allows for varied recruitment opportunities.
Variety is attracting staff to international insurance
Catherine Graham looks at the positive aspects of working in the insurance industry.
Remuneration packages continuously improving in the IFSC
Philip Galvin examines remuneration trends over the past 5 years and reflects upon the key concerns of IFSC employers and the associated challenges.
Sound future for profession
Brian Walsh looks at the outlook for accountants in 2002 and he is cautiously optimistic that the opportunities will remain strong for skilled financial professionals who are flexible and mobile.
Evolution in treasury creating recruitment opportunities
Sue Stuart looks at the development of corporate treasury in Ireland and finds the evolution of the roles into risk management making the long-term prognosis good.
The pension revolution continues
The Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 2001 has been published. It is the latest, and perhaps final part of the Pensions revolution initiated by Finance Minister Charles McCreevy. Strangely, it is devoid of tax provisions.
Did you overpay?
Millions of pounds in customs duty have been overpaid by Irish high tech companies. A ground breaking decision of the European Court of Justice may mean tax refunds.
Faraway taxes are green
The EU favour the introduction of environmental taxes by the Member States. The current government’s programme promises the introduction of green taxes in Ireland. So far little has happened. What may be in the pipeline?
Sensible consolidation
Les Harris CEO of nevada tele.com shares a typical day with us and finds that it is not all doom and gloom in the market for telecoms businesses.
Integrating online banking with straight through processing - a vision of banking in the future
Liam Foley looks at the prospects for online banking in the future and finds that the revolution has only just begun.
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