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Finance Magazine - November 2001 Issue

IBEC/FSIA in final Budget plea to rescind ‘skills tax’
The elimination of the ceiling on employers’ PRSI was inexplicable at the time, but today is completely at odds with the needs of the economy’ said the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) in their pre-budget submission 2002.
Irish technology companies will continue to attract investment
In spite of the much hyped downturn in the Irish technology field, Ireland's venture capitalists still view the sector as a prime arena for investment. A survey of venture capitalists conducted by Finance (see pp 6 and 7) clearly showed a strong desire to make further investments in IT and a belief in its future potential.
Government produces framework for PPPs
A framework for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) has been developed by the Government to assess the appropriateness of PPPs for infrastructure projects.
World Bank rates Irish pension coverage seventh out of 43 countries studied
Irish occupational pension assets as a percentage of GDP ranked seventh out of 43 countries surveyed according to a comprehensive study by the World Bank.
eFinance spend continues in Ireland
Despite the global economic slowdown, Irish companies are continuing to spend on e-commerce.
CEOs pessimistic, and somewhat Eurosceptic
Eighty-eight per cent of chief executives of Ireland’s leading companies believe the economy will deteriorate in 2002, with 25 per cent expecting the deterioration to be significant.
BDO Simpson Xavier and Hargaden Moor merge to create sixth largest entity
Two of Ireland’s leading accountancy practices, BDO Simpson Xavier and Hargaden Moor have merged in a move that consolidates BDO Simpson Xavier’s position as the sixth largest accountancy firm in Ireland.
Where we stand on regulation of European mortgage bonds
As the Asset Covered Securities Bill goes before the Dail, Judith Hardt looks at mortgage bonds in Europe and calls for greater transparency to help investors find their way around the new products in the new market.
What to do in a recession
ICB launched amid lively debate
Over 160 delegates attended the Finance/Finance Dublin Irish Covered Bond conference, which provided an unique opportunity to learn all aspects of the new instrument.
Ireland a ‘hot spot’ for investment
Finance asked some members of the Irish Venture Capital Association - IVCA - to comment on the Irish venture capital market in light of the softening economy and found that their mood is cautiously optimistic.
Venture capital market remains active
Conor O’Connor is chairman of the Irish Venture Capital Association and investment director of the Enterprise Equity (Ireland) fund.
Venture capital market remains active
Niall Carroll, managing director of ACT Venture Capital
Justin Rea, Cross Atlantic Capital Partners
Venture capital market remains active
David Fassbender, managing director, ICC Venture Capital
Venture capital market remains active
Gavin Burke, Trinity Venture Capital
Venture capital market remains active
Michael Murphy, chief executive at NCB Ventures
Venture capital market remains active
Neil O’Leary, chairman & chief executive, Ion Equity Ltd
Companies seeking venture capital must be more realistic
Edward Millar highlights the legal implications for an Irish company looking for equity finance in today's climate.
Securing private equity in a tougher capital market
Liam Logue discusses some opportunities for Irish companies hoping to get funding as the economic outlook softens
New requirements created for company directors
Transactions involving directors - Leonora Malone explains the impact of the provisions of the Company Law Enforcement Act, 2001 enacted to date.
Recruiting from a world-wide arena
In today's financial recruitment market place it is important not to look solely within the local market when sourcing candidates, but at the options available world-wide. This is also true across the world, for all professional recruitment arenas states Tracy Message.
Technology sector pulls through
Mary Cryan looks at whether the 'Winter of Technology' will become the big freeze and how the Irish technology sector can face the challenges in the light of the recent terrorist attacks in the US.
Bridging the gap with public/private partnerships
This is a summary of a paper that Eric Munro gave at the recent Global Summit on Public/Private Partnerships in Dublin. The topic of that paper was bridging the gap between the public and private sectors, focusing on the way in which the relevant public sector procuring department or authority undertakes both policy and project development.
Using securitisation for funding diversification
Gerry Murray discusses the history of securitisation in First Active, and charts its development from the first two securitisations which were demutualisations to the latest which are ‘true sales’.
Overviewing the key metrics
Richard Cooke, chief executive officer of Esat, spends much of his time at meetings during his long days at the office. There are few opportunities for a break in his packed schedule.
Banking on Customer Relationship Management
Customer relationship management systems are vital to the success of banks in the 21st century; however, we must not lose our heads in the turmoil surrounding the huge investments required to implement these systems says Brendan O'Reilly.
Four Budgets later
Minister Mc Creevy has steered four Finance Acts through Dail Eireann. Although each was remarkable, it is easy to forget the changes they have made to the taxation landscape in Ireland. There have been major successes, some good things, and some changes on which the jury is still out.
UK v Ireland
The UK is Ireland’s strongest competitor for inward investment. It is the second most important potential source of inward investment into Ireland. How do our tax systems compare?
Wrapper Rage
The Minister for Finance has announced that the Finance Act 2002 will contain measures aimed at ‘wrappers’. The Minister has taken a dislike to the lack of ‘collectivism’ which the wrapper displays. Is the Minister over reacting, or even tilting at windmills?
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