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Friday, 12th April 2024
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Recruiting from a world-wide arena Back  
In today's financial recruitment market place it is important not to look solely within the local market when sourcing candidates, but at the options available world-wide. This is also true across the world, for all professional recruitment arenas states Tracy Message.
Despite present uncertainty about our economic climate the outlook for the finance market over the next year is favourable. Managers within Dublin are now increasingly open to sourcing candidates from across the world and many clients themselves have world-wide operations. This has a number of beneficial effects:
• employees get the opportunity to travel internally, gaining enhanced exposure and experience as they develop with a more global viewpoint.
• employers are more aware and open to international experience therefore widening the sources for candidates when hiring.
• recruitment consultants can source candidates from a worldwide pool.

Dublin is exposed to many influences, currently more than many other major markets such as the return of Irish immigrants to establish indigenous companies in Dublin and the American presence within Dublin will be effected directly by the American economy. Other influences are IT and technological development (with a desire to replicate Silicon Valley), the establishment and growth of the IFSC and EU funding.

Adaptable strategies
To get the most from this tight labour market, it is necessary to be continually proactive and adaptable in strategies. With a network of 330 offices internationally, Robert Half understands the importance of international links. ‘For example’ says Tracy Message, ‘we are currently recruiting for one client who needs to hire into four key roles in order to establish the infrastructure crucial to facilitate future growth. For one role in particular, there are approximately four individuals in Dublin that possess the required specific skills set. But in addition through our world-wide links we are sourcing candidates from London, Prague and across the United States. These individuals will be fully interviewed, referenced locally and be serious about a geographical move. We will facilitate either face to face or video conferencing interviews with our client.

From conducting salary and benefits surveys among qualified professionals, including directors of finance, account managers, and financial, budget and cost analysts in Europe and the US, Robert Half has found that employees are much more likely to leave their jobs than most employers appreciate. With inflation remaining low, employees are demonstrating admirable realism with regard to salary requests - in spite of unemployment being at such a low. In essence, very few employers are attempting to resolve their recruitment and retention issues by ‘throwing money’ at the problem. Employers are beginning to heed the employees desires of flexi-time and other life-style/family friendly benefits.

The Internet can ease communication with consultants, clients and candidates surfing worldwide web opportunities. Caution must be practised to ensure a serious reality for hiring or relocating.

The shortage of available skills in the marketplace requires a different approach. Tracy Message says ‘At RHI we do not only talk to candidates who are job hunting, but also to professionals who would be interested in hearing about excellent relevant roles and would move should the right opportunity arise. This is a crucial strategy within a market place with a reduced active candidate flow and RH practice this world-wide.’

Businesses are experiencing heightened competition for accounting and finance talent in today’s era of high employment, particularly as the role of accountants continues to broaden. Organisations of all sizes are focusing on developing short and long term strategies for sustaining growth, and accountants are helping them achieve this growth.

RHI’s research in the US has found finance professionals are providing valid input on diverse issues ranging from how to integrate an acquired company to whether to expand a firm’s e-commerce activities. Technology expertise has become as basic a job requirement in accounting as financial knowledge. Candidates who have worked on financial systems conversions are highly sought after and can therefore demand higher salaries.

Move quickly
Another influencing factor within any recruitment arena, is speed. Good candidates do not stay on the market place for long. ‘Many clients that we meet for the first time have had poor experiences during a hiring process because of delay e.g. candidates accepting counter offers or alternate offers, too many decision makers, lengthy interview processes where candidates are lost along the way etc.’ said Tracy Message. Clients must be prepared to move quickly whilst relying on an ethical, professional recruitment partner to guide them through an often arduous exercise. At RHI this is facilitated by an operating model, effectively shortening an encumbering internal interviewing process, from many weeks to a matter of days.

With 53 years of experience behind it, RHI is aware of all the pitfalls that can face clients and candidates throughout any recruitment exercise. Its executive board, who have worked together for 13 years, have seen every market situation. This experience is translated directly to how it affects clients and candidates and allows Robert Half to manage each and every scenario.

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