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Finance Magazine - March 2001 Issue

Industry calls for balanced regulation
There are concerns from the financial services industry that the new regulator will overemphasis the importance of the consumer and will fetter the wholesale sector.
Trustees demand more from fund managers
Pension fund trustees are demanding more choice, more information and more communication from their fund mangers.
European finance ministers fast track securities legislation
Proposals to speed up the integration of the European financial markets recommended in the Lamfalussy report were adopted in Stockholm recently.
ECB backs central banks
The European Central Bank believes eurozone central banks should maintain their role in banking supervision.
Becketts question suitability of many investment products for SSIAs
Irish consultancy firm Becketts has questioned whether many investment products are suitable for the Government-backed Special Incentive Savings Accounts.
Banks and insurers form pan-European round table
Leading European banks and insurers have joined forces to form the European Round Table of Financial Services (ERF).
Basel warns banks to watch highly leveraged institutions
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has called for banks to keep their risk management practices for Highly Leveraged Institutions (HLIs) under close scrutiny.
OECD predicts major slowdown in venture capital funding in 2001
The OECD has predicted a major slowdown in the availability of venture capital in 2001 in its most recent economic report.
The Defenders The global equity markets have entered an extremely interesting phase - interesting because from here on, opportunities to buy value stocks with long term growth potential will arise.
Harney reassures industry on Government’s commitment to financial services
Addressing the Finance Dublin conference held in Dublin recently the Taniste addressed concerns from the industry of a fading commitment in public policy to the area of financial services.
Is it time to change your pension fund manager?
Today's pension fund trustees are better educated and better informed about their pension funds than in years gone by, but are fund managers providing the services that trustees need? Finance asked trustees, fund managers and consultants to outline the obstacles to perfect pension fund management.
Putting fund manager selection into perspective
Tom Murphy advises pension fund trustees to have a sound, well thought-out investment strategy that will achieve the fund's objectives before addressing the issue of who should manage it.
Asset liability modeling crucial for pension fund trustees
One of the principal duties of the trustees is to operate the trust fund in accordance with the pension scheme rules using ‘the same degree of care as a prudent man of business would in the operation of his own affairs’.
Pension fund trustees should not use peer group benchmarks according to the controversial Myners report
The UK Government’s plan to adopt radical proposals will lead to a fundamental shake up of the UK institutional investment industry - and will change the way pension fund trustees and the fund managers there work.
Survey shows that motivating staff is the key to having a high level of employee retention
A recent survey by recruitment company Executive Connections showed that money was not the primary reason people leave their jobs. Hilarie Geary looks at how creating the right working environment with communication and motivation could could help you retain your staff.
Juggling accounting research with teaching
Eamonn J Walsh, PricewaterhouseCoopers Professor of Accounting at the Michael Smurfit Graduation School of Business, UCD, is not to be found in the office until 2:30pm, but is immersed in researching new technologies from daybreak.
Hedging translation exposure management
Des Leavy and Jayne Bull debate whether translation exposures are relevant from a risk management perspective. This article focuses not on hedging foreign exchange exposures on transactions but on the more difficult topic of translation exposure management arising from accounting conventions - both on the balance sheet and in the profit and loss account.
Implementing automatic Forex trading at Credit Suisse
Richard Pike of Comit Gruppe Ireland looks at the implementation of an automated trading system for Credit Suisse and argues that the failure of banking e-commerce projects are often due to a lack of a well developed business plan and integrated processes.
Revolution in UK?
The House of Lords have had second thoughts about their approach to tax avoidance cases. The famous “Ramsay approach”, which has dominated tax planning in the UK for the last 20 years, has been substantially curtailed, if not killed.
Share options
After several months of lobbying the Finance Act has delivered a 20 per cent CGT rate for employment related share options. This is hedged around with numerous conditions. The new proposal is a compromise which has left many unhappy.
More property confusion
The Finance Bill once again stars the Minister for Finance as the master market manipulator, moving the property market now one way, now the other way. The Finance Bill seeks to move the property market in so many different directions, it runs the risk of a pile-up.
Backing the bull even when the bears are at the door
International player Merrill Lynch recently launched a private client office in Dublin targeting high net worth individuals based in Ireland. On his recent visit to Dublin, Merrill Lynch chairman emeritus, Dan Tully shared his views with Ken O’Brien on being proponents of the bull in a bear market.
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