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Thursday, 18th April 2024
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Trustees demand more from fund managers Back  
Pension fund trustees are demanding more choice, more information and more communication from their fund mangers.

A special review on issues affecting pension fund trustees in Finance this month highlighted the changes sweeping through the sector.

Trustees, pension fund managers and pension consultants were asked whether they thought trustees should be considering changing their fund manager in light of poor performances of some fund management companies and what they saw as the challenges for pension development.
The responses reveal that trustees continue to take a considered approach to any change in fund management policy and in the main said they are happy with the performance of their fund mangers.
Most trustees say they already regularly review their managers’ performances - but the time scale for these reviews vary from between once every 3 years to once every 6 months.

But the opinions expressed underlined the changing needs of the trustee. Trustees appear to unanimously want a wider choice of fund products from their fund managers - particularly in the area of specialist management where the mandate given by the trustees to the managers is very specific.

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