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Finance Magazine - October 1999 Issue

EU accounting headache for McCreevy
The Minister for Finance is concerned that the EU’s accounting rules under the Maastricht Treaty would penalise prudential actions, such as setting aside a fund to meet future public pensions liabilities.
SIPTU warns on pensions
Rosheen Callender, SIPTU’s national equality secretary, at the recent IAIM Conference on the public pension scheme, again warned the Government ‘not to repeat the serious breach of partnership that occurred earlier this year’ with section 19 of the Finance Act.
Educational PPPs blaze the trail
The Department of Education is leading the way on PPPs as it finalises partnership arrangements for the design, construction, financing and operation of three new post-primary schools.
Euroland optimism in long bond yields
In its September report, the European Central Bank comments that the average level of euro area bond yields has increased by around 125 basis points since May, bringing it close to 5.2% in early September.
Euro uncertainty
Uncertainty on euro plans is rife among Irish companies, according to the most recent survey conducted by the Forfas EMU Business Awareness Campaign.
VAT on bank charges
VAT should be extended to bank charges as a ‘clawback’ response to decreasing corporation tax intake
Insurers - fight for the customer!
The global insurance industry faces challenging times ahead where ‘winning’ will involve a much greater emphasis on the customer, as well as global expansion and the development of a broader portfolio, according to a new report by Deloitte Research.
NCB new index
The NCB Purchasing Managers’ Index, a new monthly economic indicator for Ireland, aims to provide a monthly measure of developments in the manufacturing sector
Pensions as recruitment tool
Employers must put greater emphasis on the attractiveness of their pensions schemes when looking to attract and retain employees, according to a new corporate service launched by Arthur Andersen in Dublin.
McCreevy: ‘I’m open to changes’
The Minister for Finance invites experts to highlight the problems with dividend withholding tax and ponders obstacles to his public pensions plan in EU accounting rules
The core issues posed for the future of the Irish economy
Terry Baker analyses the progress of the Irish economy from the 1960s to now, and assesses its strengths and weaknesses.
Bolkestein reassures Ireland
Initial utterances by the new Internal Market Commissioner sound good from the Irish point of view, writes Una McCaffrey.
Seize the day
Major issues need to be addressed before January 2000 write Stephen Gill and Jane Duncan
Examinership law imbalanced for leasing
Catherine Duffy highlights some pitfalls in the proposed amendments to company law
Seed and early stage equity capital in short supply
The financing environment is a continuing source of competitive disadvantage for Ireland writes William Beausang
Lack of investment product curbs spending outlays
Marie Hunt on the state of the commercial property market, which has shown a phenomenal 36.8 per cent return in the year to June 1999
Chinese walls must be assessed
Financial institutions and their clients need to ensure that conflicts of interest are managed to the highest standards. Kevin McHugh outlines some questions a client can ask about its financial institution’s conflicts of interest policy.
Investment managers bid for public pensions business
Irish investment managers have outperformed UK competition since 1984 and are best placed to win contracts for the new public pension fund. But it is yet to be decided who will have the final say in appointing external managers and setting investment strategies.
Accounting for tangible fixed assets - FRS15 demands best practice
The implications of FRS15 on investment properties may lead to more cautious investment strategies writes Roseanne Kelly
Growing the workforce
The EU have published their recommendations on labour policy in member states.
Goodbye IRNR
By 1 October all Irish registered companies will be within the Irish tax net fully unless they have managed to avail of a limited number of exemptions.
Surcharge proposal
There is a risk that the next budget will introduce a surcharge on undistributed trading income of close companies.
From dealing desk to bookshelf
Since taking his place on the best-seller lists, Paul Kilduff has had to learn the art of juggling two entirely different careers
Financial services boom to continue - BIS
The Bank for international Settlements says that ‘booming demand for financial services may well continue to fuel above average growth rates for the financial sector in the long term’.
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