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Wednesday, 17th April 2024
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Collins Stewart moves to number one for best UK research back
Voted number one for the 2008 ‘Best overall equity research UK‘ is Collins Stewart, which has climbed up one place from second in 2007’s results.

In second place is Goldman Sachs, and in third place is Morgan Stanley. This year’s results in this category are not so good for Smith Barney Citigroup, which was voted number one last year but only reached number four in this year’s results.

Merrill Lynch took fifth place, whilst sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth place were all awarded to previously unranked entrants in this category: Landsbanki/Kepler (6); Deutsche Bank (7); Cazenove (8) and RBS (ABN AMRO) (9).

UBS Warburg fell a significant 6 places in the ranking, going from number four in the 2007 survey to tenth place in 2008. Credit Suisse First Boston was ranked at number 11 and NCB London at number 12.

In the ‘Best overall equity research Europe (excluding UK) category, Merrill Lynch climbed an impressive six places to regain the top spot which they reached in 2006, but conceded to Collins Stewart in the 2007 survey.

Goldman Sachs continues its success in reaching the upper echelons of three categories in the International Firms Ratings section by being voted in at second place; and Collins Stewart goes down from first position to third.

Smith Barney Citigroup came in at number four, down from second place in 2007; whilst again the previously unranked entries, Landsbanki/Kepler and Credit Suisse First Boston took fifth and sixth place respectively.

‘Best overall equity research USA’ was awarded to Goldman Sachs, up four places from 2007’s survey; Smith Barney retained its position at number two and, ironically given the subsequent circumstances of the institution, Lehman Bros was awarded third place.
For ‘Best Overall Equity Research Japan’ Merrill Lynch was awarded first position, knocking Smith Barney Citigroup off the number one spot. Collins Stewart took third position and Daiwa retained its position at number four.

Morgan Stanley was voted number one for ‘Best overall Equity Research South East Asia’, followed by CLSA at number two and Smith Barney Citigroup at number three.

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