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Finance Magazine Stockbroking Survey 2008

Bloxham Davy Goodbody Merrion NCB

Download and read the Finance Stockbroking Survey 2008.

The vote for the survey this year increased by 59 per cent
This year has seen the largest vote in the twenty two year history of the FINANCE Stockbroking Survey of Institutional Investors from which Goodbody stockbrokers have emerged as clear winners. Goodbody win ten of the twelve equity categories. NCB stop a clean sweep by Goodbody by taking both the ‘Technical Analysis’ and ‘Best International Research (Excluding Irish Equities)’. Davy place in second position in the overall firm ratings with nine second place finishes. Merrion come in second place in five categories. And Bloxham get a clean sweep in bonds.
Analysts prove themselves in difficult circumstances
In a performance which reflects the overalll firm ratings, Goodbody’s analysts have taken seven of the analyst categories, up from last year when they won four of the individual firsts. Merrion come just behind Goodbody performing strongly with six wins. Davy show their strength in all the categories with nine top three placings in the eleven categories.
Mattimoe again top analyst
The winner of the ‘Analyst of the Year 2008’ once again is John Mattimoe of Merrion.
Hat-trick for O’Leary
It’s a hat-trick for Dermot O’Leary of Goodbody as he is awarded ‘Best Research Economist‘ for the third year running.
Quality of equity research key, but solvency a new concern
There is no denying the correlation between external market conditions and the arrival of a new category, ‘Solvency of Counterparty’, entering the table for the first time at number four. Surely a clear sign of turbulent times?
Orsi’s research report on Irish banks is number one
Sebastian Orsi of Merrion’s strong performance in this year’s survey continues, with him winning first place in the ‘Research report of the year‘ category.
Bloxham clean sweep in institutional bonds
In what was a close run thing in last year’s survey, Bloxham have won as the overall winner as the leading domestic player in the Irish bond market. The manner of Bloxham’s victory, a clean sweep of the eleven categories in bonds, is a turnaround on last year’s result where Davy won six categories compared to five for Bloxham.
Collins Stewart moves to number one for best UK research
Voted number one for the 2008 ‘Best overall equity research UK‘ is Collins Stewart, which has climbed up one place from second in 2007’s results.
Fitzpatrick top trader again
Laura Fitzpatrick of Merrion has retained the title of ‘Best Equity Sales Trader’.
Carton wins 2008 equity sales title
Rory Carton of Goodbody has shot to the top of the table to become best ‘Equity Sales Person‘ in 2008.
The sample frame and voting in the 2008 Survey
Participation in the 2008 Survey was unprecedented in its 22 year history, with 321 different individual institutional investors voting. They responded to 60 questions, concerning products, individuals, and firms, which contained 514 different nominations of individuals, products and firms in the overall survey.
All singing model a thing of the past: O'Kelly
NCB Stockbrokers Chief Executive Conor O’Kelly makes a cold and realistic assessment of the Irish stockbroking industry. It’s going to be a long way back, he says, ‘but I’ve no doubt we will eventually get there and the first steps may indeed have already been taken’.
Irish equities - early to fall, but they may be early to rise - Barrett
At a time when all international asset classes are under the cosh, the value of a deep understanding of the Irish economy and its stocks has never been greater, says Roy Barrett, head of this year’s top rated firm, Goodbodys.
Ireland will remain a key market in the search for global equity value: Dixon
Barry Dixon, the head of Davy Research, whose firm again wins the award for Best Equity Book, provides an overview of the key Irish equities and assesses their world class characteristics against their international peers.
Leveraging the opportunity created by the downturn: Ghose
Irish corporates have the ability to build their businesses in the current maelstrom and Bloxham’s equity research team is using the withdrawal of research coverage by global investment banks of Ireland as an opportunity says Pramit Ghose managing partner of Bloxham Stockbrokers, one of the oldest investment firms in the UK or Ireland. One of just two bond brokers in Ireland, Bloxhams wins this year’s FINANCE Survey in the resurgent bond sector.
Primary research never of more value
The Merrion Capital research model works ahead of the curve, and provides insights and money making information to the management of quoted companies themselves writes Aisling Vaughan.
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