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Wednesday, 17th April 2024
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Mattimoe again top analyst back
The winner of the ‘Analyst of the Year 2008’ once again is John Mattimoe of Merrion. Merrion’s winning streak continues with
John Mattimoe

Sebastian Orsi coming second. Orsi is one of the rising stars of the 2008 survey, also moving from sixth to third place in the ‘Best Research Economist: Irish Economist’ category. Overall, it’s been a good year for Goodbodys, who occupy five positions in the top ten. Joe Gill, formerly of Goodbody’s and now at Bloxham, has taken sixth place, moving up two places while Davy is also represented in the rankings, with Scott Rankin at number eight, Others from Davys are Emer Lang at 11, Jack Gorman at 12, John O’Reilly in 14th and Tim Cahill at no. 16. NCB is represented by John Sheehan in fifth position; and Paul Meade, who is a new entry at no.15.
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