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Finance Magazine - June 1999 Issue

Developing New Business
The report published by the Asset Management Task Force, a part of the IFSC Funds Group, (See pages 4 and 5), a follow-up to the earlier report released last October, is to be welcomed and is a further positive sign of the industry and regulator working together.
UK residential property targeted by Irish fund
Property has always been difficult to package for investors in public funds, but a new Irish fund targeting the UK residential property market has been put together with an initial target of £15 million to do just that.
Merrion targets the growing equity niche
The establishment of Merrion Capital represents probably the most concerted assault on the institutional equity market since the establishment of NCB and Riada (now ABN AMRO) in the late 1970s/early 1980s.
This month
A gear shift is impending in the Irish economy.
Only 23% of SME's companies have independent non-executive directors on their boards
According to a recent survey by the Boardroom Centre many small and medium sized Irish companies do not hold regular board meetings and most do not have independent non-executive directors on their boards.
Irish Business Climate Ranked High on Both Sides of the Atlantic
How do American and European business executives feel about Ireland's business climate these days?
Clare's last column - in this millenium
Aidan Clare is taking a year's sabbatical from Ulster Bank Markets where he has been serving as Head of Capital Markets.
The World in the Year 2000
Over the last seven years, I have done my utmost to keep readers ahead of the game when it comes to financial market developments.
Public Private Partnerships - 4 Billion the initial target
Peter Brennan on the background to the PPPs initiative
The ins and outs of financing LUAS
PPP projects can be a great opportunity for public and private sectors to work efficiently together, but the technicalities of how exactly is a project like LUAS financed is complex
Managed funds up over 5p.c. in first 5 months of 1999
The five month figures just released by Mercer show the growth sectors gaining aswell as cyclical stocks making a comeback. Jennifer Richards examines individual funds and provides the background on current trends
Day Trading
Everyone's into investing these days, Eoin Fahy investigates the extent and impact of this
Assistance for treasurers with volatility ratings for European bond funds domiciled in Dublin
Standard & Poor's Fund Services have recently introduced a bond fund volatility rating scale in Europe to help investors judge the risk that changing market conditions pose to their fund holdings.
Elan's route to a corporate bond rating
With more companies examining the potential of corporate bond issuance, Paul Gallen reviews the process of getting a credit rating.
Treasury's new systems about to hit the agenda
With Y2K and the euro changeover moving off the agenda, treasury systems are about to gain a lot more attention writes Richard Pike
Managing capital in the euro environment
Many companies are generating significant cash surpluses, but according to Dave Gribben, companies need to work harder in the low interest rate environment of the euro to improve net returns.
Dealing with the highest bidder
Philip Sherry describes how he deals with the challenges of running a countrywide franchise
Withhold or Inform?
The debate in the European Community has tended to be divided between those who favour a universal withholding tax, and those who would prefer a universal reporting of payments to Revenue Authorities. This debate has received little attention in Ireland where the Revenue Authorities have opted to adopt both!
The Revenue Reassure
The Finance Act 1999 greatly increased the Revenue's powers to enter and search premises, and remove records, and to obtain information regarding a taxpayer from third parties.
Job Subsidies
At a time of labour shortage, employers may be surprised to learn that there are available a range of tax breaks, and subsidies, designed to encourage the creation of new jobs to help the long-term unemployed back to work.
EU and Tax
The making of Irish taxation policy now seems like a joint effort between the EU and the Irish Government. Even if a satisfactory resolution is arrived at regarding the "State aids" row regarding double rent allowance in Urban Renewal areas, there remain several aspects of Irish tax legislation that may not be EU compliant.
An opportunity to extend exposure in international markets
The globalisation of markets will become a key factor in the evolving financial and economic conditions of the 21st century. The Nasdaq-Amex Market Group is leading the charge in 'shaping the new world of investing' and creating opportunities for capital formation for this global market of the future writes Charles Balfour.
So Where is all this Growth Coming From?
Mary Doyle examines the sectoral basis of this year's growth
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