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Finance Magazine - December 1999 Issue

Stamp duty all in one
Revenue and Department of Finance officials have been warmly congratulated by Dail deputies for the 'magnum opus' of the Stamp Duty Consolidation Bill, 1999.
This Month
In the last edition of Finance this year, decade, century and millennium, we have decided to re-print an excellent article by Professor Louis Cullen of the Department of Modern History in Trinity College, Dublin on 1,000 years of finance.
Views sought on new capital miles
The EU has entered the campaign to push for changes to the capital adequacy arrangements for banks and investment firms.
BUPA Ireland calls for competition without risk equalisation
At the Strategic Planning Conference in November, Martin O'Rourke, Managing Director, BUPA Ireland called for the dismantling of monopolies and the abandonment of State aid and risk equalisation in the health insurance sector.
Consumers to gain from PPP Deals
Mark Spain, associate director, IBI Corporate Finance, speaking at a recent conference, 'Public Private Partnerships in Ireland lll', stated that the Irish Government and consumers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of a more competitive market through the establishment of Public Private Partnership ('PPP') projects.
S&P sells analysis services
The November seminar organised by Asset Management Trust, agent in Ireland for Standard & Poor's DRI / Micropal heard S&P economist, Darren Rawcliffe say that he expects the UK to join EMU on 1 January 2004.
Solicitor joins PPP Unit
Solicitor Sonja Price of the property practice of William Fry is begins a two year secondment at the PPP unit of the Department of Finance in December.
At end €99, take a Greek holiday
If you're unconvinced by the Asian recovery or the Irish boom, Greece may be the place for you, writes Kevin McConnell in his 1999 equity markets review
Bear bites back in bonds
1999 will be remembered as the year of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the Irish bond market.
Retire in comfort after 1999
Joe Byrne reflects on a year which brought new options as retirement planning crossed the desks of the people who matter
Lawyers on hand to fix 'Y2K circus'
We need to put Y2K, among other things, behind us before the real celebrations can start, writes Kevin Hoy
A packet of biscuits and a pension please
John Cunningham reflects on a year when the financial services industry was caught off guard by new entrants
Dealer of the Year 1999
The annual IACT 'Dealer of the Year' Awards were announced at the end of November. We asked the winners to recall their best (and in some cases worst) advisory calls of 1999.
A complete guide to Save As You Earn share option schemes
Jim Ryan details the legislative provisions necessary to establish a Revenue approved savings related share option schemes (SAYE schemes).
Avoidance and evasion
Media treatment of tax matters over the last few years might cause some readers to believe that there is no distinction between tax avoidance and tax evasion, and that both are unlawful.
Survival tips for Irish second line stocks
An article last year in the influential New-York Barrons magazine suggested that Irish shares represent exceptional value. Under the headline "Celtic Tiger Burning Bright, Ireland Won't Follow Asia's Script", the article drew attention to second liners such as Irish Continental Group, Abbey and Jury Doyle Hotel Group as examples of companies with good growth potential Owen Purcell takes up the baton and offers some advice.
Illegal forestry fees persisted despite rulings
The collection of a 5 per cent fee levied on 6,200 applicants for EU-financed forestry grants was continued by the Department of Marine and Natural Resources, even though the EU and Attorney General found against it. Eamonn O€ Flanagan relates the saga
Funding of public pensions - will the politicians leave the money alone
The funding of public pensions has often be seen as a positive economic step by a government coming to terms with the financial reality of past promises made. However, as part of the euro zone, does this hold true, and, if so, does it matter? asks John Mannion
151 Days and counting
Since its first edition in June 1987, Finance has carried the feature 'A Day in the Life'. Customer surveys have shown that it is probably the most consistently read article in Finance over the years.
New lending process for school PPPs
Reflecting on Equity Bank's experience in Northern Ireland, Joe Higgins says that lending to PPPs in education sets new challenges for banks.
Cash management and the internet
Brian Howley offers a banker's reflections on cash management and a bank's services in the light of internet developments.
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