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Finance Magazine - February 2000 Issue

Financial advisers sought for new PPP projects of IEP300m
Revenues will be recovered from tolls exclusively and, like the existing toll bridge, a revenue sharing agreement will be in place with the public sector, represented by the National Roads Authority, with funds going directly to the Exchequer.
Most gains below IEP100k
The Revenue has carried out a random sample of 39 cases from share option scheme returns of eight companies for 1997/98 for the governments Tax Strategy Group.
SAP sales up 20 p.c. as finance directors ‘retool’
The integrated financial management systems house, SAP, has seen growth in its installed base in Ireland of over 20 per cent in 1999, according to country manager, Jim Murray.
Debt warning
The ratio of private borrowing to GNP is rising to a dangerous level, the former deputy head of banking supervision of the Central Bank of Ireland has warned.
UCD MBA ‘best value’ with $91,000 salary
The return for MBAs was based on the salary progress of 1996 graduates, with salary weighted over the intervening years.
Finance Bill changes announced
New securitisation rules are aimed at the development of securitisation business in Ireland.
Sur-tax on profits analysed for Tax Strategy Group
The government’s Tax Strategy Group (TSG) is still considering ways to avoid allowing the benefit of the proposed 12.5 per cent corporation tax rate to certain companies.
How dividend tax will be amended
Exemptions from dividend withholding tax are to be extended in this year’s Finance Bill as part of a wide-ranging series of changes to the administration of the tax.
ESBI builds equity team
ESB International Investments has recruited Cormac O’Rourke as investment director for international business.
New Finance design: feedback
We are very grateful for the comments received from many readers on the new design of Finance introduced in January’s edition.
Firms expand as ‘equity’ fees loom
18 firms in Esat deal
As the dust settles for the Esat millionaires, at least eighteen professional advisory firms have had their coffers boosted by being associated with the deal.
Corporations turn to software vendors for banking
Multinational companies believe non-banks are better than banks at handling certain aspects of traditional banking operations, according to a new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit and consultants A.T. Kearney.
Gross roll up talks continue
Talks aimed at finding a resolution to the gross roll up debate are expected to continue right until the publication of the 2000 Finance Bill on 10 February, according to a Department of Finance spokesperson.
Funding package of ?10m for eirtricity
A new electricity product, eirtricity, produced by wind farms, was launched in January by Future Wind Holdings Ltd, a joint venture between Future Wind Partnership and NTR plc (National Toll Roads).
In a modern economy, there will always be finance; there will always be people within companies needed to manage it; and there will always be financial services needed for individuals and collective concerns.
From Our Archive (February 2000): 'Property price fall of 30-50 p.c. possible if credit growth not curbed'
The following article appeared in Finance in February 2000. It was written by William Slattery, then a former head of prudential Supervision in the Central Bank of Ireland, and today CEO of State Street Ireland. It said: "Predictions are being made of 20 per cent growth in property prices this year. Irish households are borrowing like never before. In the US, private debt has risen to 130 per cent of GNP and is seen as unsustainable. William Slattery says the same is true in Ireland in relation to property".
Will the Planning Bill remove obstacles to investment?
Financing property, whether by debt or equity, is very sensitive to legal, regulatory and tax conditions. The Planning and Development Bill now going through the Oireachtas is the latest change to be factored into the equation. It is aimed at reducing delays in the planning process, but will not of itself be sufficient to achieve this. So will the environment for property investment change much? Liam McCabe assesses the issues.
Mortgage market strategies still feature broker channel
In the context of increased competition in the ever-growing mortgage market, Michael Dowling assesses the market position of the top five lenders.
Masterclass on Irish corporates’ use of IFSC
One of the founding fathers of the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers, Aengus Murphy, leads a half day workshop on the topic 'Corporate Financial Services from the IFSC - What the IFSC can offer multinational corporations in the 2000s', at the Finance Dublin annual conference on March 27th next (see details on page 9, and on the website findub.com).
Eight months work to securitise €600 million
Michael Torpey relates the details of the largest Irish debt market event of 1999, when Irish Life and Permanent took €600 million of mortgage assets off its balance sheet.
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