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Finance Magazine - September 2000 Issue

Economists back McCreevy approach on 2001 Budget
A survey of the leading economists working in Ireland's financial institutions shows a substantial majority providing broad encouragement for the Government's economic policy approach, with approval given to continued cuts in income taxes in the next Budget, and a continuation of the controversial 'individualisation' tax reform.
Consultants agree regulation is needed in hot labour market
Recruitment agencies have called for stricter controls on standards within their industry but there is disagreement over whether the Irish Government or the industry itself, should lead the way.
Ireland on track for b2b e-procurement
Ireland is ahead of Europe in terms of its attitudes to business-to-business procurement over the internet according to Bob Semple of PricewaterhouseCoopers.
CPA president: auditing proposals ‘unworkable’
The proposal from the Review Group on Auditing that company directors should annually report on the company’s compliance with relevant statutory requirements is ‘patently unworkable and fundamentally anti-business’, according to the president of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Bernadette McGrory-Farrell.
Global financing boom in the first half
The Bank for International Settlements has said there was ‘extraordinarily intense activity’ in the international banking market in the first quarter of 2000
Banking group explains liberal stance on takeovers
The Department of Finance and Central Bank review of strategic issues in the banking sector has chosen a liberal stance on the issue of political approval of mergers and acquisitions in the Irish banking sector.
Big turnout for Duisenberg lecture
While Duisenberg’s speech was headlined as delivering a strong warning to Ireland not to engage in pro-cyclical fiscal policy, comment around the tables was that there was really little news in that message,
A positive approach
How has the euro been for you so far..?
The contradictory nature of policy statements on the euro has sometimes left the markets confused. Dominick Sutton places the blame on the low degree of transparency within the ECB.
Economists back supply-side policies for forthcoming Budget
As this is the time of year that the Budget gets written, we thought it would be useful to get the policy views of some of the best brains amongst the country's economists summarising the policy views of those working in the Irish financial sector. They were asked to identify several points which they would like to put before the Minister. Here is what they had to say.
A DAY IN THE LIFE Managing client relationships
Alan O’Sullivan is client relationship manager for Brown Brothers Harriman in Dublin. He has been with the company for four years.
Is the Financial Accounting Standard 133 going too far?
Corporate treasurers have given a mixed response to FAS 133, on one hand welcoming the uniformity to risk management it would bring, but they are also concerned it may erode the basis on which they make decisions. Jimmy Doyle highlights some views from the IGTA agm.
Identifying your customers is the key to creating a successful online trading business
Online trading is making Irish stockbrokers rethink their business strategy. Richard O’Reilly says it is time for brokerage firms to decide what type of investors they are targeting and tailor their services based on the needs of those investors.
Tax Monitor The Savings Directive
The long saga of a Directive imposing withholding tax on interest paid within the EU to individuals appeared to reach a conclusion in Lisbon this summer. But what, if anything, has been agreed?
Financial services and VAT
A major VAT case involving outsourcing in the Financial Services industry is due to go to the House of Lords in the UK. The outcome will be significant for the economic viability of outsourcing.
More tax reform needed
Tax rates in the several taxes we have in Ireland are inter linked. The reductions in CGT rate and CAT rate may require reductions in other taxes also.
Supreme Court and bananas
A recent judgment of the Supreme Court may have long term significance for taxpayers. It appears to be confined to the narrow issue of manufacturing services in the ripening of bananas but may have a wider significance.
The basic concepts of charting
There are many different ways to analyze the relative merits of currencies by Phelim Keogan
Flexibility and speed are paramount at Eircell
Dermot Griffin, business development director with Eircell, has overseen the evolution of Eircell into a separate commercial entity from parent company Eircom and believes that staying agile is the key to success in the telecommunications world.
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