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Friday, 12th April 2024
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Visits to website double Back  
Page impressions on FINANCE magazine’s on-line portal, www.finance-magazine.com have doubled over the past year, up from 160,000 in 2005, to 320,000 so far this year.
Visits to the website, which includes an archive of FINANCE magazine’s back catalogue for subscribers, and a host of articles by www.finance-magazine.com’s subscribers Deloitte, the Irish Banking Federation, KPMG, Matheson Ormbsy Prentice, Dillon Eustace and Ernst & Young, have also increased. Visits now stand at over 250 a day.
Combining these with visits to www.financedublin.com and the newly launched jobs website, www.financejobs.ie, daily average visits to the combined sites have been exceeding 500 visits a day.

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