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Friday, 12th April 2024
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Financial reporting and governance in the insurance and reinsurance industries have never been under such pressure, and a forthcoming conference on financial reporting Issues for international insurance & reinsurance companies, aims to address some of the key questions. These include:
Dargan FitzGerald

• Why do profits keep changing in different GAAP regimes?
• What about ‘convergence’ under IFRS?
• When is risk transfer not really risk transfer?
• Will Solvency II affect accounting practice?
• What will reinsurance regulation look like?

Other issues include how to interpret European Embedded Value (EEV), and the impact of Solvency I and Solvency II on capital adequacy and capital allocation.

The financial reporting conference addresses these issues head-on in an authoritative series of presentations and discussions. Speakers include Dargan FitzGerald, partner & insurance practice leader, Ernst & Young; John Breckenridge, head of financial reporting, The Association of British Insurers and Anne Troy, head of insurance supervision, Financial Regulator.

For full details see insert with this issue or: http://www.insurance-institute.ie/training/seminars.html

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