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Saturday, 13th April 2024
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Specialist training is the key to success Back  
There are many routes to a career in private client banking but Gerry Grenham of the Institute of Bankers in Ireland writes that the Specialist Diploma in Wealth Management has been specially designed to equip staff with the necessary skills for this developing specialism.
The term ‘private banking’, in recent years, has shifted from meaning ‘confidential’, to mean ‘wealth management’, largely for high net-worth individuals. The Institute of Bankers Specialist Diploma in Wealth Management has been specifically designed to equip staff with the requisite skills required for this still developing specialism.

Specialist Diploma in Wealth Management
This programme consists of two subjects - Wealth Management One and Two:
(i) Wealth Management One: focuses on intergenerational aspects of wealth management, an important topic since only 14 per cent of family wealth makes it to the third generation, and covers topics such as wills, intestacy, assets passing outside the will, trusts and investment of trusts.
(ii) Wealth Management Two: focuses on wealth management from creation to retirement and including lifetime transfers, owning foreign assets, gifting, business structures and tax planning.

Course timetable
Seminars for Wealth Management One run from October to December each year, with an end of semester examination in January. Seminars for Wealth Management Two run from February to April each year, with an end of semester examination in May.
There are four three-hour seminars in each subject. Seminars normally take place on Saturday mornings.

Entry requirements
Entry to the Specialist Diploma in Wealth Management is confined to those holding the Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) qualification and/or those who have successfully completed the Institute’s Specialist Certificate in Investment Advice, and/or the Specialist Certificate in Mortgage Practice.

Learning supports
(i) A comprehensive study manual and admission to the examination for each subject.
(ii) Access to the ‘online student resource centre’ containing seminar notes and handouts as well as past examination papers and/or pilot papers.
(iii) On-going tutor support through a fax/email helpline.

(iv) Four three-hour seminars per subject to be held in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway – subject to adequate student demand.

While the Specialist Diploma in Wealth Management is a standalone qualification, valuable in its own right for those working in wealth management, it is also part of the Institute’s integrated qualifications structure.
Accordingly, those who have successfully completed the diploma are eligible for two subject exemptions (on the basis of having successfully completed Wealth Management One and Wealth Management Two) from the UCD/Institute of Bankers Joint Financial Services Diploma (JFSD).
The JFSD is in turn Level One of the joint UCD/Institute of Bankers Bachelor in Financial Services (BFS) degree.

Details on the course can be downloaded from the Institute website at www.bankers.ie

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