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Sunday, 20th June 2021
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The 'FINANCE' Structured Finance Report 2009

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Eight ways to restore confidence in securitisation markets
The Global Joint Initiative to Restore Confidence in the Securitisation Markets representing the main industry bodies have published eight key points as a roadmap to restore confidence in securitisation markets.
Financial weapons of liquidity and transparency: credit derivatives after the credit crunch
Professor Moorad Choudhry explores the interconnection between credit derivatives, including structured credit products such as collateralised debt obligations (CDOs), and the 2007 sub-prime mortgage crash and subsequent credit crunch. He discusses how the age-old adage of investing, to know one’s risk, remains as important now as it was in the time of the South Sea bubble. He suggests further that credit derivatives, far from being in some way instruments of evil, are vital to maintaining liquidity and transparency in the financial system.
ABS market: regulatory action must ensure Europe’s competitiveness
The regulatory response to the shortcomings of the current model must be targeted to encourage financial services activity in Ireland and Europe. Ireland must be a central participant in shaping this new regulatory landscape to ensure the further development of the financial services industry, writes Gerard Scully.
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