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Monday, 21st September 2020
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Finance Magazine - May 2009 Issue

Proposals create uncertainty as to long term tax treatment of US foreign investment
Barack Obama’s administration’s proposals on the tax treatment of the offshore profits of US multinationals creates uncertainty as to the long term tax treatment of investment decisions of US companies, writes Adrian Crawford.
Ireland could emerge a winner from Obama proposals
The potential winners out of the Obama tax proposals are the principals involved in the global activities, such as Ireland, Singapore and Switzerland, writes Joan O’Connor.
US multinationals will continue to benefit from Ireland’s low corporation tax
Ireland is not a tax haven so it will not prevent US multinational companies (MNCs) from benefitting from Ireland’s corporation tax regime writes Colm Kelly. The new intellectual property regime should help maintain Ireland’s attractiveness as a location for US investment.
NAMA removes the single biggest problem from bank balance sheets, and puts it on the State’s balance sheet which is far stronger
Scott Rankin says the NAMA is the right solution to Ireland’s banking problems.
Bad bank/Asset Management Company is the right solution
A research report by Davy’s Stockbrokers, ‘Bad Bank/AMC is the right solution', says that the NAMA proposal is a solution for Ireland's banking system. The report gives a comprehensive analysis of NAMA, and while it broadly supports the premise of the NAMA proposals it also highlights some of the potential pitfalls.
European banks: who needs a ‘bad bank’?
Irish financial regulation - it needs change but it’s not broken
Ireland can become a ‘shared centre of excellence’
A new model for commercial property
The economic cycle & investor trends
Salutary lessons from the history of economics
The second chance
The VAT package - are you ready for 2010?
It is time for Ireland’s ‘Go Zone’
Real economies built on trade
Anticipating a recovery in 2011
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