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Finance Magazine - March 2009 Issue

The right diagnosis
Innovation in finance has acquired a collection of negative connotations on foot of the problems of the originate and distribute model of the securitisation industry and the imprudent use of derivatives by some quarters in the market.
Economy health warning - more tax without the necessary steps to curb out-of-control public spending will devastate the country
Tax is a cost of production, and therefore measures to close the Budget gap through tax without the necessary first steps to curb the country’s grossly out-of-control public expenditure levels are really calls for “spend and tax”. So large is the spending gap that measures to solve the problem through tax will sink the economy into a vortex that will destroy all the gains of the past twenty years.
Keep your nerve Minister
PJ Henehan looks at what tax policies must be employed by the Minister for Finance to ‘get Ireland out of this mess’.
McCreevy: low tax should be an element in Ireland’s economic fix
EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy chose the annual dinner of the Institute of Taxation on February 27th to set out a coherent model for dealing with the crisis, treating tax as just one element in the overall solution.
Strengthening the fabric of the world’s international financial services centres
The economic climate is currently precarious both within and beyond the boundaries of finance, and the credit crisis is impacting financial centres differently. The second Annual Global Financial Services Centres Conference (GFSC 2009) will highlight the factors that distinguish the winning financial centres and centres-based businesses in the new financial order. For full details visit: www.financialcentresinternational.com
Innovation to be key in assessing Deals of the Year Awards in 2009
David Dillon in defence of the IFSC
European regulators must protect market innovation
Takeover Panel widens the net on disclosure rules
Coping with new corporate governance challenges
Insurance industry needs a single global accounting standard
McCann FitzGerald appointment
Increased burden for financial firms in Criminal Justice Act 2008
Prepare now for recovery
Indirect taxes - the fiscal solution for 2009 and beyond?
Tier 1 Capital and the need for tax legislation to meet banking needs
More HR professionals can expect to reach boardroom level
Forex management and refinancings playing a major role
Book launch: The Genesis of Macroeconomics. New Ideas from Sir William Petty to Henry Thornton
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