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Finance Magazine - January 2009 Issue

The year of the great test: 2009
There is a great urgency for decisive action on the key fronts of the Exchequer funding crisis (of which we write on Page 4), and the re-funding of the domestic banking system (see below). The task of restoring stability to both will take all of 2009, it is likely, at least.
Endgame for the Exchequer
The bond markets have dictated the endgame for the Exchequer and Ireland’s future as a successful and independent economy will depend on how the country responds.
Forex pressure on Irish firms: euro sterling exchange rate outlook 2009
With the Irish economy already on its knees the euro’s relative strength against sterling is a further hit to Irish competitiveness with nearly half of all exports from Irish-owned firms headed to the UK. In a FINANCE Magazine poll of leading corporate treasurers we ask for their outlook for the euro sterling exchange rate in 2009.
Eight ways to restore confidence in securitisation markets
The Global Joint Initiative to Restore Confidence in the Securitisation Markets representing the main industry bodies have published eight key points as a roadmap to restore confidence in securitisation markets.
Financial weapons of liquidity and transparency: credit derivatives after the credit crunch
Professor Moorad Choudhry explores the interconnection between credit derivatives, including structured credit products such as collateralised debt obligations (CDOs), and the 2007 sub-prime mortgage crash and subsequent credit crunch. He discusses how the age-old adage of investing, to know one’s risk, remains as important now as it was in the time of the South Sea bubble. He suggests further that credit derivatives, far from being in some way instruments of evil, are vital to maintaining liquidity and transparency in the financial system.
ABS market: regulatory action must ensure Europe’s competitiveness
The credit outlook for 2009
Ban on short selling helped increase volatility in Q4 08
2009 - A year of precedents for economies globally
Irish construction set to fall a further 25p.c. in 2009
Falling advertising revenues hit media sector
‘Very low valuations could offer significant share price returns’
Loss-absorption capacity of banks’ capital bases key in 2009
Pharma and healthcare sector faces M&A activity, cost cutting and impact on earnings
Gaming sector will see growth stagnate before resuming in 2010
Upside in tech & resources most likely in latter half of 2009
Sterling fall serious challenge for food sector
Venture capital and public to private activity set to increase in 2009
Valuing insurance contracts at market
Spending and taxation
Tax treatment of foreign dividends is contrary to EU law
The changing face of Revenue VAT audits - are you ready for 2009?
The changed world for cash managers
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