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Finance Magazine - November 2008 Issue

A positive outlook remains possible
There is widespread dismay and disapproval about the stance and detail of the October 14th Budget from economists, and in Page 4 we summarise the views of three of the most eminent Colm McCarthy, Dan O’Brien of the EIU, and Jim Power of Friends First.
Ireland’s unique collapse in public finances gets the wrong treatment
Three of Ireland’s leading economists Jim Power, Dan O’Brien and Colm McCarthy on Budget 2009 and Ireland’s unique economic downturn - where ‘nothing even mildly comparable in the euro area has taken place’
Budget 2009 - a missed opportunity
By Jim Power
Act: ‘too aggressive & disproportionate’
High taxes encourage avoidance and evasion and in turn avoidance and evasion result in lower tax revenues. PJ Henehan writes that tax in some respects is a zero sum game.
More big hits due, but opportunities exist for the medium term
Ireland has worked hard to earn its place as a prominent player on the worldwide financial centre stage, but in the current climate the need to take action to maintain its position is more crucial than ever.
Restructuring dominates current capital markets activity
Economic apocalypse or investment cycle?
Where cash is king, security follows
Investment products: new options to consider
Rekindle the hunger
Directors’ liabilities in a stormy climate
Using accountancy skills to close the deal
Navigating toward high performance in turbulent markets
Causes and effects of worldwide financial turmoil
Ireland’s international financial services industry - how can we weather the storm?
OECD report on attribution of profits to permanent establishments
Trends in tax rates & investment patterns
A direct line to corporate strategy
Book Reviews: Being tax effective
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