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Finance Magazine - September 2008 Issue

Competitiveness should come first
The biggest economic crisis facing the Republic of Ireland since 1985-87 now exists. The last crisis, and its resolution gave us the Celtic Tiger. This crisis can do something similar, and perhaps even more. The easy part is working out what should be done.
Accountancy still sees growth, but pace slackens to an 11 p.c. gain
The golden era of uninterrupted double digit fee income growth by Ireland’s largest accountancy firms is showing signs of flagging, according to the results of the FINANCE Magazine Accountancy Survey 2008, which shows fee income of the twenty largest practices up by 11.0 per cent in the past year, a reduced rate of increase compared with the 19.6 per cent recorded in 2006/7. Subscriber access to the full survey here.
FINANCE Accountancy Survey 2008: Top 20 recruitment for 2008/2009 will be down by 19 p.c.
For the year in prospect, projected recruitment is put at 1,878, down from 1082 in 2007/2008, a fall of 18.8 p.c.. The brunt of the decline will be in professional recruitment, down from 527 last year to to 317 this year and non professional graduate recruitment, down from 226 last year to 127 this year.
Managing partners look to positives as storm clouds gather
The ability to adapt to the changed economic climate by offering clients new or revised services will be key for accountants going forward, say managing partners in Ireland’s top 20 accountancy firms, and the 2008 Accountancy Survey results indicating a decrease in corporate finance, tax and consulting and increase in audit/accounting and corporate recovery comes as no surprise to them.
Recent capital markets activity focuses on restructurings, with strategic acquisitions and financings to the fore
Data and deal profiles for capital markets activity over the summer currently being compiled for the FINANCE Capital markets deal Directory which will go live in October reflects the effects of the credit markets crisis, with restructurings, re-financings, bond issues, and even securitisations being completed.
Cost management in context
The changed environment of the European money markets
The challenges now facing wealth managers
Structured products set for growth
Credit crisis fallout: can litigation be far behind?
After the storm - corporate risk reporting under IFRS 7 (FRS 29)
Significant amendment to financial reporting for funds
The subprime crisis; SME leadership; Credit derivative modelling
Don’t damage drivers of long term economic success
VAT on Property - Regime change has arrived
Career Profile: Founding Partner, Commercial Law Firm
Selling Ireland Inc
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