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Finance Magazine - April 1999 Issue

Sea change likely in corporate compliance
The recently approved McDowell report on company law compliance and enforcement could have the same effect on corporate compliance as clamping has had on parking offences all over Dublin.
Clean hands in pensions
While maladministration or arrears of administration may be relatively common in Irish pensions schemes, there is little evidence of their being tainted by 'serious fraud' according to Anne Maher, chief executive of the pensions board.
Branding the deposit account
Ethos is out and products are in when it comes to branding a company's services for the ever more sophisticated consumer of the late 1990s, and financial services have had to pick up on the buzz.
Servicing the pensionati
Ireland could develop a role as a leader in pension provision for other EU countries if it takes action now, according to a preliminary report issued by the Financial Services Industry Association (FSIA).
The sharing face of Irish banks
Contrary to much popular opinion, Irish banks showed their customers a more caring and sharing face than before in the course of 1997, as net interest margins were squeezed further.
Solutions to the ‘annuity question’
Joe Byrne provides a comprehensive list of suggestions on how to overcome the (euro-induced) problem of slumping annuity rates.
Hot products
A survey by Finance of the likely implications for treasurers of the euro will be an increasing use of a wide range of treasury instruments, notably options, as well as increasing recourse to highly engineered products.
Euro Hot Products
The forward and derivative products which will grow in usage and availability as a result of the euro according to Irish banks.
€Fly€ to overshadow €bug€ by year end?
In a worse case scenario, a millennium bug in the financial sector could lead to global financial meltdown. Brian Lynch examines some of the potential problems and asks how bankers and regulators should be reacting.
Manchester United life assurance - the next big thing?
Amid almost universal change in the face of financial services delivery, Owen Purcell advises that it will be the financial services companies with a strong brand that will be the long term survivors.
PPP movement needed now
As Ireland’s infrastructual deficit balloons and EU Cohesion and Structural funds decrease by sixty per cent over the next four to five years, the PPP issue becomes hotter than ever, writes Tim Bouchier-Hayes.
Northern Ireland could become ‘back office’ centre
Northern Ireland is now home to 'positive attitudes and a supportive approach' when it comes to investment, according to Sean Farren
Pensions revolution
The Finance Act revolutionises the rules relating to self-employed pensions. The impact is primarily economic rather than tax related.
Share Options
There are at present six different Irish tax regimes which apply to shares, or share options, obtained by reason of employment. This patchwork of tax measures results in a different effective tax burden on corporate employees, and those employed by individuals.
CAT Under Microscope
The Minister for Finance is to review CAT (gift and inheritance) prior to the next budget. The Minister has the opportunity to be radical.
The internet - a tax free shopping mall
While tax-free purchasing powers may be attractive for on-line consumers, they will cause headaches for the Revenue if legislative action is not taken now, argues Dympna Donnelly.
Continental European property markets: the euro effect
The rising prices in commercial property in recent years have made it unfeasible for many potential investors to look at the Irish market. Timely, then, is the arrival of the euroland economy, whereby since January 1999, it has been possible to look at investment in ten other countries in Europe without having to consider the question of exchange risk. David Bouch offers a guide to what is available.
More to euro than domestic politics
Euroland should be looking stateside if it really wants to judge possible future trends, writes Geraldine Concagh.
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