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Finance Magazine - July 2003 Issue

Boost for investment sector as KBC moves over €2 bn assets to Dublin
Dublin is to become a ‘centre of excellence’ for the KBC Group, as it transfers over E2 billion of assets to be managed by KBC Asset Management (KBCAM).
New era, new opportunities
Banks need to step up their preparations as the deadline for Basel edges closer
With the publication of the third and final Basel consultative paper, the architecture of the new Accord is becoming clearer write Alan Merriman and P?draic Walsh. Key to a successful implementation from the viewpoint of Irish banks will be liaison with, and lobbying of, IFSRA to ensure that Basel is implemented in the most appropriate manner for them.
A holistic approach to risk management can save time and money
Dealing with each risk separately has disadvantages say Michael McMahon and Antoinette Flynn.
Keeping track of the markets
As general manager, group planning and marketing, at Friends First, a typical day in the life for John Cunningham involves monitoring Friends First’s marketing strategy and dealing with compliance issues, as well as getting involved in securities lending firm Guild Global Securities, of which he is vice-chairman.
The next Budget
The next Budget may come sooner than you think! Have you prepared for it?
EU Law can lower tax
Irish corporates have an opportunity to reduce their tax bills by using EU law. Cases currently before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) are likely to overturn our existing understanding of tax rules.
Tax Monitor Tax Risks
How many companies think of taxation in terms of risk? The tax system exposes companies to risks that could on a bad day wipe out their cash flow, destroy their profitability, breach their bank covenants, destroy their reputation with the public, require restatement of accounts and absorb huge amounts of management time. Do boards and chief executives have their heads in the sand when it comes to tax?
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