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Finance Magazine - May 2001 Issue

No hard landing in property according to economists
Hope for house buyers as Finance’s annual property survey predicts a 50 per cent price increase predicted over the next five years.
IFSC accounts for 60 per cent of foreign direct investment in Ireland
The OECD’s Economic Survey of Ireland 2001 highlights the contribution of the IFSC in terms of foreign investment to the country, and while the report is generally supportive of Ireland’s recent economic decisions it suggests that IFSC policy should remain competitive to keep attracting that investment.
Zero p.c. corporation tax for US proposed
An issue of major importance to Ireland’s domestic and international financial services community is the news that the US administration is considering abolishing corporation tax entirely.
E-commerce in Ireland - still a lot to be done
Richard Pike, director of COMIT Gruppe Ireland looks at the reality of e-commerce in Ireland.
Skills tax hinders need to up IFSC value
Peter O’Dwyer on why the PRSI decision must be re-examined.
Property and the economy
Citibank -Ireland gets excellence award
Citibank-Ireland has received an Excellent Supplier Award from multinational chemicals group PPG.
New Ireland and Canada Life win IBA awards for 2000
New Ireland Assurance and Canada Life (Ireland) have won the Irish Broker Association and MoneyMate Fund Management Awards for 200
Economists' Property Poll 2001
Irish economists have given property the thumbs up in Finance’s annual property survey. Findings in the survey see that economists are prediciting a sustained rise in property prices over the next 5 years.
Positive outlook for property in medium term
John Bruder sets out an encouraging argument as to the benefits of investing in property and says that Irish property is definitely a worthwhile investment over the next three to five years.
Tax issues for property investors
Investing in property holds many taxation implications, yet as Paul Mee shows, careful planning can still enable tax efficient investment.
Dublin office rental market very attractive in world review
Comparing rental and occupational costs in Dublin with other international cities Maire Hunt finds favour with what Dublin has to offer.
Property vehicles available to the private investor
John Rockett weighs up ways of gaining passive exposure to this important asset class.
Suburbs competitive to regions for rental space
With fast rising rental costs in Dublin and businesses looking to the regions for alternatives, Roland O’Connell examines the real costs of renting office space.
Save as you earn schemes benefit corporates
Save as you earn schemes can be used to give your employees a stake in the business and help to create greater employee loyalty, Rachel Killeen writes.
Bond trading in rare technical conditions
Sean Craig, senior bond trader at NCB takes us through the highs and lows of a recent day.
The ‘It’s not an amnesty’ amnesty
Faced with a handful of unpopular banks, the PAC demanded blood (or rather, lots of money, which for a bank is the same thing). Faced with an estimated 50,000 voters/taxpayers the PAC accepted pragmatism. Is the reaction a correct one? Is the manner of delivery appropriate?
Tax and the Stadium
Ireland appears to have been suffering from stadium mania over several months. The taxpayer has already contributed to one stadium, and may be called upon to do so again. That would pale into insignificance compared to the contribution to the Abbotstown stadium. Has tax any relevance to all of this?
Group Relief
Group Relief from Capital Gains Tax has been the subject of amendments in the last two Finance Acts. It is a critically important relief. It now operates with some curious features.
The essential guide to straight through processing
Straight through processing offers the opportunity to make substantial cost reductions in the securities industry.
Ireland at the forefront of Europe on alternative investments
Ireland at the forefront of Europe on alternative investmentsMerrill Lynch's recent wealth report highlighted the importance of providing specialsied investment advice to the world‚s wealthiest, and noted that Ireland, the UK and Switzerland had the most developed alternative investment markets in Europe.
Group reporting evolution at Airbus
IFSC aircraft leasing company Airbus explain how an enterprise reporting system from Ciall Systems was implemented into its business.
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