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Tuesday, 16th April 2024
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Priority switches to Day to Day Sales Service Back  
Fund managers have changed their top priority for choosing a stockbroker in this year's survey with Day to Day Sales Services pushing last year's top prioirty, Quality of Equity Research into second place.
Perhaps it reflects a disillusionment with research in the light of the bearish market in Irish equities, or perhaps it reflects the more urgent needs of investors, but they have responded with a switch in priority of importance from ‘Quality of Equity Research’, which has dominated the rankings in recent years to ‘Day to Day Sales Service’. A similar practical bent was noted also from bond investors.
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The shift was not huge, with ‘Day to Day Sales Service’ just pipping ‘Quality of Equity Research’ this year. Otherwise the priorities remained similar to previous years, with a slight switch in order between ‘Ancillary and Back Office Service/Settlement’, another indication of a more business oriented focus in 2007.

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