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Friday, 19th April 2024
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Northern jobs on the increase Back  
The number of job opportunities in Northern Ireland is expanding as Invest Northern Ireland promotes the emerging finance sector north of the border.

Feeding on the success of political developments in the North, and fostering stronger links with the IFSC in Dublin, a number of positions are expected to become available in this emerging market.
One of the area's main attractions is the high level of staff loyalty. Attrition levels reported by the financial services sector are currently standing at around 5-10 per cent, compared to Dublin, where this figure can be as high as 30 per cent.

'Research shows that a pool of skilled labour is the most important attribute in determining the competitiveness of a financial centre. Northern Ireland is perfectly placed to offer solutions to financial services. We offer an abundance of people skilled in financial services. Currently there are over 13,000 students taking finance-related courses,' says Trevor Killen, of Invest Northern Ireland.

'Trends such as the low participation rate from groups with excellent qualifications and skills, such as married women potential returners to the workforce means that, from an employment perspective, Northern Ireland has significant 'hidden reserves',' he says. 'Added to the existing financial services, accountancy and administration skills pool and the excellent graduate pipeline, it represents a new and exciting labour resource for Dublin-based FS companies.'

Currently FINANCEJOBS.IE offers twelve positions in Northern Ireland, ranging from a number of different sectors. There are two jobs seeking accounts assistants (Ref No. 86411, 86836); two roles for tax specialists: one in Belfast (Ref No. 212JH) and another in Dungannon (Ref No. 214JH); as well as two jobs for financial controllers (Ref No. 85980, 22-47133-MGyy).

There are also positions available for: a senior finance manager in property (Ref No. 82348), a tax senior/manager (Ref No. 642055), transaction services (Ref No. 644730), an experienced financial consultant (Ref No. J000124OM0516), a finance manager (Ref. No 86012) and a finance graduate (Ref No. 86420).

To look up one of these posts or search among the numerous jobs advertised on our website, simply go to www.financejobs.ie.

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