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Friday, 19th April 2024
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A Day in the Life: head of inward investment, Ulster Bank Group Back  
David Pierce is the head of inward investment at Ulster Bank Group, and works closely with Royal Bank of Scotland offices globally, organising the requirements of its multinational clients located in Ireland. He is a member of the Institute of Bankers, FFCA and is the incoming president of the Chambers Ireland.
6:00am I get up and go for a short walk and then leave my house for 6:30 to avoid the busy traffic on the N11. I arrive at my desk at 7:00 am and work on overnight e-mails from overseas and follow up on the many actions.
David Pierce

8:00am I hold a meeting with my team to discuss and update on ongoing activities. We plan our call in programme, discuss status of target names and review progress on new business wins. As I also manage the corporate markets sponsorships, we review the status of the various entrepreneurial sponsorships such as the Business Achievers Awards, Student Awards, and in particular the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, as the final has recently taken place.

9:00 am The corporate banking management team meets to provide an update on the various businesses and plans going forward. I update on the strategy of the key sponsorships and discuss any relevant customer contacts that have resulted from these sponsorships. We also review the press interest we received from these sponsorships. Representatives from each of the divisions within corporate banking attend this meeting, including corporate banking, property finance and invoice finance. The relative introduction of business opportunities from the Ernst & Young entrepreneur community are referred to the most suitable divisions to develop the relationships.

11:00am I meet with the group marketing team to discuss any internal and external communications regarding sponsorships and any relevant media coverage achieved. We also plan potential PR opportunities for sponsorships as they progress.

11:30am I meet with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards team. We discuss the overall sponsorship and what changes could be made for next year.

12:15pm I rush to attend the sponsorship of American Ireland Chamber of Commerce lunch event, where the guest speaker is the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern T.D. I have to ensure all relevant attendees from Ulster Bank are there, and that appropriate branding is in place. It is important that I work closely with the corporate markets team and the CEO of Ulster Bank to finalise messaging and maximise sponsorship opportunity.

2:30pm I meet with this year’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner, Ann Herarty from CPL Resources Plc, to congratulate her on her success and follow up on her experience on the final night.

3:45pm I hold a meeting with the Enterprise Ireland team. They have responsibility for the Student Awards. At this meeting we finalise critical dates for the awards and review the submissions from colleges. We also finalise the guest speaker for the night of the awards.

5:00pm I make phone calls to the United States and make appointments for forthcoming visits with the many contacts we have in the USA which include our parent bank Royal Bank of Scotland, our sister bank Citizens and Charter One. RBS has relationships with most of the US multinationals that have operations in Ireland, we work closely in delivering a one-stop-shop for the global RBS bank relationship. Ulster Bank looks after the Irish subsidiary’s banking requirements and in many cases RBS introduces Ulster Bank to the new subsidiary. We organise a joint calling programme with RBS relationship managers.
As the day nears to an end at 6:30pm, I attend the Chamber Ireland Executive Meeting as Deputy President Chambers Ireland for a monthly executive meeting.

8:00pm After a busy day I finally get home and have a bit of time to put the feet up and grab some dinner with my family. I watch the RT? news to catch up on all the day’s events. Thoughts of tomorrow’s schedule comes to mind, but I decide to leave that until the morning, as I drift off watching the 10 o’clock BBC news.

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