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Thursday, 18th April 2024
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Product profiles: FOREX Back  
A wide variety of FOREX products are available in the Irish market-place to corporate treasurers. Below are some of the services offered by the main banks
Anglo Irish Bank: Deposits - in all major currencies; Spot foreign exchange; Forward foreign exchange; FX derivatives (vanilla options, structured solutions); Dual currency deposits; Interest rate hedging

ABN AMRO: ABN AMRO offers a full range of FX services, from cash execution and derivatives to complex structured products. Its services include: Global presence and local expertise; Research and strategic advice; Strategic consulting; FX Prime Brokerage; Outsourcing; Electronic dealing platforms

BNP Paribas: BNP offer the full complement of traditional foreign exchange products

AIB Global Treasury Services: AIB Global Treasury Services offers the following range of foreign exchange risk management products: Forward plus (vanilla option and knock in option); Conditional forward; Put option; Call option; Zero cost cylinder; Revocable forward; Winner pays forward; Average rate guarantee option; Forward contract; Participating forward

Bank of America: Bank of America's offering includes the following foreign exchange products: Spot trading in major, minor and exotic currencies; Short and long-dated forwards on all non-exotic currencies; Non-deliverable forwards pricing in selected exotic currencies; Standard and exotic options; 24-hour trading desk

National Irish Bank: National Irish Bank offers a number of forex products including: Spot trades; Forward contracts; Currency swaps

Ulster Bank: Ulster Bank's FOREX services include hedging, investment and structuring solutions in over 60 currencies. Ulster Bank makes markets in all major currency pairs and in many minor currency pairs; Market information and analysis is available from its financial markets strategist; Customers are offered individual briefings from its team of relationship dealers

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