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Sunday, 14th April 2024
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Non-nationals play growing role in financial services Back  
The financial and business services sector now has 21,500 non-national workers in it, according to a report from AIB Global Treasury Services, ‘Non-National Workers in the Irish Economy’.

This figure represents 8.2 per cent of the total employed (263,300) in financial and business services. This is a little more than the total proportion of non-nationals employed in Ireland, which stands at eight per cent.
Over half of these non-national workers come from the UK and the other EU-15 Members. Employees from the EU Accession states are the next biggest contributors to the sector, with 3,500 employees from these countries working in financial and business services.

Non-EU Europeans account for a further 1,000 employees, while there are 900 Africans, 600 North Americans, and 1,800 Asians now working in the sector.

This report is based on previously unpublished Central Statistics Office data from the latest Quarterly National Household Survey for Q3 2005.

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