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Monday, 22nd April 2024
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Who’s Who in finance: Aldo Aletti Back  
Who's who is Aldo Aletti
General Manager & Director, BPM Ireland plc
Current responsibilities: Responsible for developing BPM’s presence in Ireland as a Bank’s Subsidiary and as a services provider for BPM Group. Responsible for selecting the strategies and setting long and short term objectives for the Irish operations. In charge of the definition of new products and services to be produced in Ireland and distributed in captive and non-captive markets. Responsible for representing BPM Group in Ireland at every level.

E-mail: aletti@bpm.ie

Education: Third level: Universita’ Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milano Degree in Economics, 1986 ; SDA Milano, Business Administration Evening Course 1987-88 (Business School); London Business School, Corporate Finance Evening Course 1998-99; Second level: Liceo Scientifico Luigi Cremona, Milano.
Career progress: Joined Banca Popolare di Milano in Italy at the beginning of 1989, from RCS Editori, a publishing company. Since 1993 is actively involved in Credit, Corporate Finance and Corporate Corporate Banking. From 1997 to 2001 Deputy General Manager of BPM London Branch.

Special projects: BPM Ireland plc is actively managing a sophisticated portfolio of Debt Capital Markets Instruments on behalf of Banca Popolare di Milano. Via the subsidiary BPM Fund Management (Ireland) ltd is providing Mutual Funds for Retail Investors and Institutional Investors under the UCITS scheme.

Personal: Date of birth: 17 March 1961; Place of birth: Milano, Italy; Family: Married.

Social & sporting memberships: Polo: Wicklow Club, David Lloyd

Interests: Golf, Polo, Gardening, Reading

Recommended books: Business: Copeland Koller & Murrin : Valuation. Non-business: Umberto Eco: Foucault’s Pendulum

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