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Thursday, 18th April 2024
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Feedback on FSAP Back  
The European Commission has published Part I of its FInancial Services Action Plan (FSAP) evaluation, which focuses on the process of adoption of the measures put forward in the plan, and is the first step of an exhaustive analysis of the impact of FSAP. The publication makes a number of recommendations on financial services policy.

Following publication, the Commission has commenced a consultation process with the industry in order to have the views of all interested parties on how the process of adoption worked. The deadline for comments is January 31st 2006, and comments should be sent to markt-fsap-evaluation@ cec.eu.int.

Following on from this, a final report on Part I will be published in April 2006. Part II will then commence, and this will see the Commission undertake a thorough economical and legal analysis of the impact of FSAP, which will be carried out in 2006-2008. A full, overall assessment of the FSAP will then be presented in 2008/9.

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