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Saturday, 13th April 2024
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Record numbers polled in FINANCE Stockbroking Survey 2005 Back  
Voting for the 2005 Survey has commenced, with a record number of fund managers being polled for this year's survey, in this, the nineteenth year of the survey.
Over 1,000 fund managers, both domestic and international are being polled online for this year’s annual stockbroking survey, which will be published in November.

The fund managers will choose between over 100 individual nominated stockbrokers, equity and bond sales and analysts amongst Irish stockbroking firms. Also nominated are a host of financial research products and websites, including the firms’ own nominations for the best ‘Research Report of the Year’.

Seven research reports have been nominated for this year’s Research Report of the Year’ which was won in last year’s survey by John O’Reilly of Davy and his report on the Kerry Group, ‘The Right Ingredients – Kerry Innovates for Continued Success’.

This year the reports span the sectors, with two from NCB, including one on the pharmaceutical sector by Orla Hartford, entitled Elan: Does AVONEX lead to Tysabri Overdosing?. Also from NCB is John Sheehan’s, a former ‘Analyst of the Year’ overview report on the Irish equity market, ‘Return on Capital - Under the Microscope’, which examined the Irish market using three quantitative measures (Earnings, returns, cash conversion) as well as two more qualitative attributes (Amount/frequency of exceptional items, acquisition activity) in an effort to highlight trends, identify stronger performing companies and see where negative patterns are emerging.

Goodbody’s two reports look at the construction and financial sectors - ‘Irish Financials Guided Tour’, by Eamonn Hughes, and ‘CRH: Still to play its trump card’, by Robert Eason.

Davy’s Scott Rankin also looked at the financial sector in his ‘Irish banks party on... but is a hangover likely?’ report. Also from Davy is Stephen Furlong’s examination of the airlines industry, ‘Airline earnings - the impact of oil and yields’.

Merrion has nominated one report, ‘C&C Magners Survey’ by Robert Brisbourne. Readers can read the full reports themselves by logging on to www.finance-magazine.com

There are a number of new categories in the survey including a firm award for ‘Best Technical Analysis’. In addition, a number of sector specif ic research categories have been introduced including firm awards for ‘Best Economic Research’, and ‘Best Overall Construction & Building Materials Research Service’, which will allow fund managers to vote both for their top economist, as well as their top economic research team, and similarly for the construction sector. With C&C now a significant player in the Irish stock market, the ‘Best Food & Agribusiness Analyst’ has been expanded to ‘Best Food & Beverages/ Agribusiness Analyst’.

Also, in the bonds section, a number of new categories have been introduced, including ‘Best Overall Corporate Bond Service’; ‘Best Overall Asset Backed Securities (ABS) Service’; and ‘Best Overall High Yield Service’.

In addition, the other categories in this section: ‘Best Overall Bond/Fixed Income Research’ category, Best for Ability to Deal in Size/Execution Service’, ‘Best Sales Service’, ‘Best Back Office/Settlement’ and ‘Best Research Products’ have been divided into two, with a separate category for Irish firms, and a separate one for international firms.

There are some personnel changes in this year’s survey, including Seamus Murphy, formerly of Merrion Stockbrokers. Murphy, who has dominated the ‘Best Financial Analyst’ category for the past number of years, and who was awarded ‘Analyst of the Year’ in last year’s survey, moved to Davy during the year.

This year’s survey will also be the first in a while that Colin Hunt, three times winner of the ‘Best Research Economist’ category, and former head of research with Goodbody Stockbrokers, does not participate in the survey.

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