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Tuesday, 23rd April 2024
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Accounting - a dynamic field Back  
There is a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities awaiting accountants, writes Hilarie Geary.
The role of accountants has shifted over the last two years. Some employers previously had their accountants categorised as ‘back office number crunching ticking and totting individuals’. They are now viewed as much more valuable assets than this, and are becoming a much more valued and integral leaders in the operational, technical and financial aspects of an organisation. Tomorrow’s accountants are going to shatter the entire above stereotypical image!

Yesterday, accountants were purely statisticians being paid to interpret and calculate financial information. Today, their role is far more strategic, in that they are now assessing and advising on how the data extracted can actually impact on their employer’s business. Their knowledge of information technology has also become more profound over 2004, with this skill set being utilised by their employers more often than not. Ultimately this results in the accountant being a huge contributor for assisting management in standardising procedures and creating or implementing better measurement and traceability tools for their employer’s businesses.
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Current trends in accountancy salaries

‘Hot’ choice
Accounting is a dynamic field, and will continue to evolve in exciting ways. A variety of new specialities and above average opportunities makes accounting the ‘hot’ choice of professions for the year 2004 and beyond.

Success requires motivation, a commitment to service and good skills in communication and analysis. Career opportunities within financial services includes financial auditing, financial reporting, business analysts, financial analysts, tax specialists, product specialists, financial accounting, client services accounting, fund accounting, and investment accounting,

Another trend identifiable in today’s accountancy market within financial services is the increase in female accountants who hold very senior positions. I believe that this trend is set to continue well into 2005 and into 2010 and onwards!

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