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Tuesday, 16th April 2024
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Medium-term note (MTNs) programmes Back  
Borrowings out to about five years typically issued under a similar facility as for commercial paper.
Anglo Irish Bank
Date closed: 02/03, 07/03
Volume: €3 billion +
Legal Adviser: Eugene F Collins
Description: In 2003 Anglo was a continuous issuer of notes under its MTN programme issuing over €3 billion in 70 transactions typically in individual sizes of €20 million to €50 million each and targeted at European and Asian banks and asset managers.

Caterpillar International Finance p.l.c.
Guarantor: Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation
Programme Renewal Date: 17/07/03
Programme Size: $900 million
Maturity: Maturities of one month or longer
Principal paying & issuing agent: Citibank N.A.
Currencies: All major currencies
Arranger: Barclays Bank plc
Dealers: Barclays Bank plc, Goldman Sachs International, JPMorgan Securities Ltd and Soci?t? G?n?rale
Legal Adviser: McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors
Description: The programme offers multi-currency MTN of variable denominations and maturities greater than one month, each of which is entitled to be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The main purpose of the programme is to fund the European subsidiary operations of Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation. Caterpillar International Finance p.l.c. issued five Medium Term Note offerings, all private placements, in 2003 raising €900m in financing.

Depfa Bank
Date launched: Ongoing
Volume: €6.5 billion (overall programme €25 billion)
Outstandings: €12.8 billion
Legal Adviser: McCann FitzGerald
Description: MTN Private Placement. Annual update of the programme which is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

EBS Building Society
Date launched: Ongoing
Volume: €890 million
Currency: JPY, USD, EURO and GBP
Legal Adviser: McCann FitzGerald
Dealers: West LB London; UBS London; SEB Merchant Bank; Royal Bank of Scotland; NCB Stockbrokers; HSBC; Credit Agricole Indosuez; Citigroup; CDC Ixis
Bank GesellSchaft Berlin; SwedBank London; Barclays; ABN AMRO; EBS Building Society
Description: Ongoing through 2003 we issued private placement EMTNs issued in JPY, USD, EURO and GBP. The periods varied from the short-end 6 months out to 7 years and in size €5m up to €150million. In total EBS raised €890million through the EMTN market in 2003.

First Active
Date closed: Various
Volume: €112 million
Maturity: various one to five years
Arranger: UBS, Citigroup, Danbkse Bank, HSBC
Legal Adviser: McCann FitzGerald
Description: Issued a total of €112 million in 10 private placements during 2003. These were various maturities form 1 to 5 years. Also an annual update of the ongoing $1.5 billion programme.

Helaba International Finance
Volume: €25 billion
Legal Adviser: William Fry

Volume: €1.5 billion
Arranger: Merrill Lynch
Dealers: KBC, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch.
Description: IIB launched a €1.5 billion Euro Medium Term Note to further strengthen and diversify the funding base of IIB. The paper will be palmed primarily with investors throughout Europe using a network of dealers including KBC, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch.

Sachsen LB Europe plc
Date launched: 09/00
Updated: 08/03
Volume: €1.4 billion
Maturity: All maturities
Principal paying & issuing agent: JP Morgan
Currencies: All major currencies
Arranger: Merrill Lynch International
Legal Adviser: William Fry
Description: In August 2003 the Landesbank Sachsen Girozentrale/Sachsen LB Europe plc EMTN programme size was increased from €15 billion to €25 billion. The programme is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The programme is used for general capital purposes and is arranged by Merrill Lynch International, trading through eleven institutional dealers. SLBE issued 30 MTNs (all private placements) in 2003 raising €1.4 billion in financing. SLBE arranged on behalf of its parent 62 issues raising €7.6 billion.

TD Global Finance
Date closed: 16 May 2003
Volume: US$8 billion
Guarantor: The Toronto Dominion Bank
Arranger: Goldman Sachs International
Legal Adviser: McCann FitzGerald
Description: For general funding purposes. Programme update.

UniCredito Italiano Bank (Ireland) plc and UniCredito Italiano S.p.A.
Date launched:19/12/03
Volume: €25 billion (programme amount increased from €10 billion to €25 billion)
Guarantor: UniCredito Italiano S.p.A
Rating: AA-/Aa2 (A-1+/P-1 Short Term)
Arranger: UBS Investment Bank
Co-arranger: UBM
Irish Legal adviser: McCann Fitzgerald
Description: This is an EMTN programme and the Notes will be listed on the Luxembourg/Dublin Stock Exchange.

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