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Friday, 12th April 2024
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An Irish perspective on the Eurozone Back  
A new book examining how the Irish economy functions as a member of the Eurozone has been published. The book, ‘The MacroEconomy of the Euroozone, An Irish Perspective’,which was co-written by Anthony J. Leddin, a lecturer in the University of Limerick, and Brendan M. Walsh, a lecturer in UCD, follows on from four previous editions, entitled ‘The MacroEconomy of Ireland’.

The book contains new material on the functions and operations of the European Central Bank, the Stability and Growth Pact, the costs and benefits of participating in Economic and Monetary Union and how economies adjust to economic shocks given the constraints of EMU membership.

It also examines inflation and interest rate determination in the Eurozone, as well as providing a considerable amount of reference material on the origins and evolution of EMU. In addition, the book examines the medium-term prospects facing the Irish economy as a member of the Eurozone.

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