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Monday, 15th April 2024
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Business bestsellers Back  
The top business books sold in Ireland and from book-sellers online
Business books are more popular then ever before, with new business titles on the increase. According to Hodges Figgis any book with ‘the twenty first century’ in the title is selling well. The online bookstores have a strong US flavour, with many successful corporates telling their stories.

The business best sellers at Hodges Figgis, Dawson Street, from January to August 1999

1. Goldman Sachs: the culture of success
By Lisa Endlich, Little Brown ?20

2. The 48 laws of power By Robert Greene/ Joost Elferns, Profile ?21.60

3. Taxation summary 99-2000
Institute of Taxation ?18 (hardback)

4. Buffetology By Mary Buffet, Pocket Books ?10.80

5. The end of marketing as we know it
Serfio Zyman, harper Collins ?23.99

6. The McKinsey Way By Ethan Rasiel, McGraw Hill ?20.40

7. The Waren Buffet Portfolio
By Robert Hagstrom, Wiley ?19.80

8. Management challenges for the 21st Century By P. Drucker, Butterworth Heinemann ?20.40

9. Devil take the mindmost: a history of financial speculation By Edward Chancelloe, Macmillan ?23.99

10. Performance drivers By Nils-Goran Olve, Wiley ?23.99

11. The 7 habits of highly effective peopple
By S.Covey, Simon & Schuster ?13.10

12. Business @ the speed of thought
By Bill Gates, Penguin ?21.60

13. Creating value in the network economy
Don Tapscott, HBS ?23.99

14. New rules for the new economy
By Kevin Kelly, 4th Estate ?9.40

15. Crossing the chasm (new edition)
By Geoffrey Moore, Capstone ?17.99

16. Kotler on marketing
By Philip Kotler, Free Press, ?23.60

17. A non-random walk down Wall Street
By Andrew Lo, Princeton ?33.00

18. Dangerous Company By James O’Shea, Nicholas Brearley ?12.30

19. The offshore investment market
Alan Molloy, Oaktree ?19.95

20. Profit patterns By Adrian Slywotzky/David Morrison, Wiley ?21.60


Building Wealth Can the American economy sustain its unprecedented levels of growth? Is the Asian meltdown something that can happen again? In ‘Building Wealth,’ MIT economist Lester Thurow weighs in with his vision for the future of the world economy. By Lester Thurow

How the Web Was Won What Microsoft started on December 7, 1995 has resulted in a resounding victory today, at least according to Paul Andrews. In ‘How the Web Was Won,’ Andrews gives the inside story of
Microsoft’s effort to leverage its Windows monopoly on the Internet. By Paul Andrews

Moscow Madness Rick Grajirena found that doing business in Russia was a lot harder than it looked. ‘Moscow Madness’ is Timothy Harper’s tale of Grajirena’s effort to bring Miller Beer to Russia, a place where Miller is truly the ‘champagne of beers’ and where taxes can go from 20 to 40 percent overnight. Drink up! By Timothy Harper

Great Companies, Great Returns Forget about momentum investing, day trading, or chasing after the latest stock tip. In ‘Great Companies, Great Returns,’ investment consultant Jim Huguet uncovers 12 traits of truly great companies, then picks 14 companies that truly make the grade.
By Jim Huguet

Customers.com How to Create a Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet and Beyond
by Patricia J. Seybold, Ronni T. Marshak

The Roaring 2000s How to Achieve Personal and Financial Success in the Greatest Boom in History by Harry S. Dent

Devil Take the Hindmost A History of Financial Speculation by Edward Chancellor

How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading
Everything You Need to Know to Play Wall Street’s Hottest Game by David S. Nassar

First, Break All the Rules What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently
by Marcus Buckingham, Curt Coffman

Random Walk Down Wall Street Including a Life-Cycle Guide to Personal Investing by Burton G. Malkiel

Warren Buffett Portfolio Mastering the Power of the Focus Investment Strategy by Robert G. Hagstrom

The Clickable Corporation Successful Strategies for Capturing the Internet Advantage
by Jonathan Rosenoer, Douglas Armstrong

Trading for a Living Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management by Alexander Elder

Day Trade Online by Christopher A. Farrell
Electronic Day Traders’ Secrets Learn From the Best of the Best Day Traders by Marc Friedfertig, George West, with Jonathan Burton

Courage to be Rich Creating A Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance by Suze Orman

Hide Your A$$ET$ and Disappear A Step-by-Step Guide to Vanishing without a Trace by Edmund J. Pankau

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Under-standing Money and Investing by Kenneth M. Morris, Alan M. Siegel

9 Economic and Social Upheavals That Will Shake Your Financial Future — and What to Do About Them. Former White House financial advisor Buchholz takes a look beyond Y2K and Dow 12,000 to forecast the changes that will rock our world, then dispells insightful investment advice based on these coming upheavals. by Todd G. Buchholz

Dow 40,000 Strategies for Profiting from the Greatest Bull Market in History Elias predicts the Dow will reach 40,000 by the year 2016. Discover the strategies, the stocks, and the savvy moves that make the market work for you and provide an unlimited potential for growth. by David Elias

Work Like Your Dog Fifty Ways to Work Less, Play More, and Earn More Mix business with pleasure with Weinstein and Barber’s guide to office fun, folly, and frolicking. by Matt Weinstein, Luke Barber

Confidential Uncover Your Competitors’ Top Business Secrets Legally and Quickly - and Protect Your Own by John Nolan

Strategy and Place Managing Corporate Real Estate and Facilities for Competitive Advantage
O’Mara offers a focused and innovative approach to creating a physical workplace that enhances company performance.
by Martha A. O’Mara

Silicon Boys And Their Valley of Dreams
Check out this mischievous and enriching exploration of the filthy-rich cultural history of Silicon Valley by Newsweek writer David Kaplan. by David A. Kaplan

The Plot to Get Bill Gates An Irreverent Investigation of the World’s Richest Man...and the People Who Hate Him Anyone with Mr. Gates’s money is bound to be the subject of parody. Here is the latest humorous take on the Microsoft mogul who (not surprisingly) once again topped the Forbes list of the wealthiest people on earth. by Gary Rivlin.

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