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Tuesday, 23rd April 2024
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Career change on financial service minds Back  
A survey by KPMG€s financial recruitment arm QPeople has found that 86 per cent of people would consider a change in career direction.
KPMG€s human resource and finance recruitment company, QPeople, has found that 86 per cent of individuals surveyed would consider a change in career direction. The findings come from a survey published on 9th July 2001, entitled €Career Change, An Insight into what motivates the Irish workforce€, suggesting that a lot of people are unhappy in their present career path. The survey was conducted online.

QPeople deals mainly with finance and human resources functions at the frontline and middle management level.
57 per cent of individuals surveyed cited that personal career development, not remuneration (12 per cent) are the most important factors in a candidate€s decision to accept a new position. In addition, the survey found that 37 per cent of those surveyed would be prepared to move jobs for salary increases of 10 per cent.

Commenting on the findings, Mark O€Donnell, of QPeople said, €The biggest factor encouraging individuals to look for a new position is the belief that there is no further career progression with a current employer. Our message to employers is that company loyalty no longer exists amongst individuals and that if you want to retain staff providing suitable career progression in an organisation will encourage staff to stay.€

Interestingly, over half of the candidates (60 per cent) would be prepared to work outside of Dublin if an attractive job arose. The majority of candidates surveyed were also very keen on taking a career break (88 per cent).

The QPeople Survey found that the majority of individuals (55 per cent) rated the level of service provided by recruitment agencies as poor or very poor. The reasons cited for this attitude towards recruitment agencies were poor level of feedback and communication from the agency. In general candidates also found that the biggest shortcoming of agencies was that they tended to focus more on their clients than their candidates (42 per cent).

Denise Hourican of QPeople, said the company was set up earlier this year by KPMG as a response to client€s frustrations with recruitment firms. €The Q in QPeople means what it stands for - a high quality recruitment service that is a cost effective method of recruitment of staff in the £25,000 - £60,000 salary range.€
In terms of benefits to employees, a good employer pension scheme emerged as the most important factor (24 per cent). In addition, childcare emerged as being the most important factor amongst 21 per cent, the majority of these being women.

On a lighter note, individuals surveyed (36 per cent) would prefer to drive a 3 series BMW followed by an Audi TT (25 per cent). Most of the sample chose sport as their preferred leisure activity.

The survey was completed by 97 QPeople candidates who had submitted their CVs in the last three months. The majority of respondents come from the financial services sector.

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