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Tuesday, 23rd April 2024
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The survey was carried out in the last part of June and early July 2001. Finance does not seek to verify the data reported by each firm. Only in the case of Andersen was an estimate made of fee income. This was done solely in order not to underestimate by too large a factor the total fee income of accountancy practice in the economy. The estimate for that firm may be significantly understated. Andersen has a global policy of not disclosing individual country earnings.

Some firms may have had difficulty in isolating Republic of Ireland fee income from any fee income earned by partners in the Republic for work done in Northern Ireland. The survey requested fee income for the Republic only. Any overstatement of €pure€ Republic of Ireland business is not likely to have been material.

There are some firms who could be estimated to earn fee income in the £1-£10 million range which are not included in the survey as they decline to participate consistently. In the context of £402 million fee earnings from reported firms, this omission is not likely to be more than about 8 per cent extra. Two such firms were included in last year€s survey with estimated fee income then of just over £10 million combined.

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