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Sunday, 21st April 2024
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Irish management ‘risk comfortable’ Back  
How would you characterise Irish management’s attitude to risk in relation to corporate finance deals at present (from ‘over-cautious’ to ‘too risk seeking’) ?

We believe that the current combination of pan European consolidation in almost every industry sector and the low interest rate environment is leading to a more risk comfortable attitude to acquisition strategy amongst Irish corporates.

AIB Corporate Finance

Risk comfortable

BDO SIMPSON XAVIER Corporate Finance

From my own personal experience, I would say Irish entrepreneurs are being aggressive but realistic. They realise that to create shareholder value you have to have a reasonable position in the market place. This can only be done by way of acquisition or aggressive expansion. The combination of low interest rates, low inflation and the availability of capital has encouraged to people to aggressively develop their business model.


Over cautious, with one or two notable exceptions such as IAWS.

Davy Corporate Finance

Irish management is not homogenous but on average is cautious and ‘risk seeing’.

Dolmen Corporate Finance

Risk seeking

Deloitte Corporate Finance

The attitude towards risk depends greatly on the industry sector. On an overall basis, Irish management are now generally risk comfortable. In general, Irish management are not risk seeking however transactions such as ESAT/BT show the benefits to shareholder value of adopting high risk debt financing structures for the right company.

Ernst & Young

Risk comfortable

Goodbody Corporate Finance

Risk comfortable

Grant Thornton

I would say that on the whole risk comfortable best describes management’s attitude to deals.

Merrion Capital

By rank, risk comfortable (1); cautious (2); risk seeking (3) too risk seeking (4).

NCB Corporate Finance

We see Irish management as being “risk comfortable” in the main. In our experience they carry out strong research and analysis in advance and assess the risks well.


Overall, I would view Irish management as relatively cautious in terms of M&A strategy, deal pricing and financing structures. The strong economic story has not noticeably lessened such caution.

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