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Tuesday, 16th April 2024
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Wild geese Back  
The flock this month includes an investment manager in Scotland and a financial services consulting partner from London
Pat Butler
Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc., London

How long have you been in current position? I have been working with McKinsey for the past 13 years

What exactly does your job involve? Briefly describe a typical day.
I serve clients in the financial services sector, working with them on questions of strategy and organisation. I lead the UK and European Retail Financial Services practice. There is enormous variety in the work, driven by the particular strategic issues faced by different companies. Recently much of our work has been on strategies for the New Economy and for globalising financial markets. There is really not a typical day. I tend to spend time with clients directly and time with the McKinsey teams serving those clients. There is also a lot of travel involved as part of my role.

How much of your time do you spend outside Ireland?
I live outside Ireland and thus spend virtually all of my time outside the country

Initial reaction when you were offered this position? How has this changed?
The attraction of McKinsey is variety: variety in the clients you serve, the problems you work on and the people you work with. Prior to working with McKinse, gained good experience working in financial institutions in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia on issues of strategy, organisation, globalisation and electronic commerce.

Best thing about being outside Ireland? Ireland at the Cutting edge of financial services? My sense is that in many aspects of financial services, Ireland has evolved rapidly in recent years. Ireland is now at the cutting edge (for instance, the growth in the amount of international processing operations in the financial services centre; the increase and innovative development of technology suppliers to banks). Obviously in some other areas such as large corporate banking and investment banking Ireland is still some way behind. However, In retail banking it is well up there.

How does your operation fit strategically within the overall group's business? Being one of the leaders of our financial services practice here in London I am constantly looking at developments within the financial services sector, which is changing at a very rapid pace. The main function of our team is to provide services for banks, insurance companies, regulators ecetera to the industry, technology providers to the industry and asset managers. We are about 25 percent of the Firm. London is a hub of financial services work.

What's the worst thing about being abroad? What do I miss about Ireland? I miss the relaxed lifestyle and laid back attitude of the people

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