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Tuesday, 16th April 2024
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Share ownership up Back  
Research released by Goodbody Stockbrokers in April showed that the Eircom flotation increased share ownership by an estimated 4 percentage points to 18 per cent of adults.

Goodbody estimates that number of adults holding shares at the time of the IPO was 525,000.

‘Share ownership levels have shown remarkable growth in recent years’, said Goodbody.

‘The widening of share ownership is not an indicator of how deeply embedded a share owning culture is in Ireland’. Goodbody adds
• Two-thirds of investors have portfolios valued at ?5,000 or less
• 70% of shareowners own shares in just one company
• Over 95% own shares in fewer than six companies
• Only 7% of shareowners deal in shares more than once a year.

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