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Tuesday, 16th April 2024
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McGrory-Farrell urges accountants to embrace IT Back  
Information technology has revolutionised the accountancy profession and led to a fundamental shift in the role of the modern accountant, according to Ms Bernadette McGrory-Farrell, president of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

Speaking at the recent CPA annual conference in Dublin, she said: ‘I am a second generation accountant and I can remember helping my father sort out bundles of cheques into number order and writing them up into cheque journals for clients. Now all our clients, no matter how small, have PCs and process their own information.’

The CPA president told the conference - whose theme was ‘From beans to bytes, using IT for profit and growth’ - that all accountancy students now had to study IT as part of their examinations and maintained that accountants are embracing the challenges and opportunities presented by technology.

‘Finance directors and practitioners are now looking at automating customer relationship management processes, integrated performance measurement systems, setting up Internet based supply chains. We are expected to have a knowledge of these new processes and be able to provide sound business advice in these areas,’ she said.

She concluded: ‘It is a challenging time for accountants as we take a more ‘hands-on’ role in the day to day issues affecting our clients. We have a choice; we can either get with the programme or die. It is that simple.’

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