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Tuesday, 23rd April 2024
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E-commerce tops treasury issues Back  
The changing role of corporate treasury within companies and the impact of e-commerce are pressing issues for Ireland’s treasurers.

Finance asked several banks what they thought the key issue in corporate treasury management were under the current climate and most of the responses underlined e-commerce as having a huge impact both on the way treasurers make decisions and on how they manage money.

However most were keen to point out that the introduction of e-commerce would merely take the paper out of some treasury transactions rather than cutting the human link between companies and banks.

The impact of the introduction of the euro was also highlighted as a critical issue for treasurers as was the increasing level of treasury’s disclosures under new regulations like FRS13.

While generally positive the responses have sent out a warning to Irish companies not to downgrade the company’s treasury function - particularly given the volatility of the euro.

Of particular concern, according to John Rice at AIB is that mid capped companies were letting treasury slip down the agenda. Following the introduction of the euro some companies, who had been mangeing several pairs of currencies, were managing fewer pairs - with the result that treasury was being downgraded on the company’s agenda.

The respondents agree that downgrading treasury would be at the peril of the company.

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