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Sunday, 21st April 2024
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AIB and BoI join Identrus Back  
Both Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland have joined Identrus an international organisation formed to create common global standards for Digital Certification in e-commerce.

Identrus was founded in April 1999 and is dedicated to creating a worldwide network of financial institutions that can certify corporate customers as trusted online trading partners.

Member financial institutions will ultimately be able to use the Identrus infrastructure to conclusively identify trading partners, ensure their communications are secure, and create an indisputable record of their transactions.
Bank of Ireland said it would use its membership of Identrus to consider the provision of Digital Certification Services.

The bank added that the recent introduction of the Electronic Commerce Act had made this more relevant as it makes the use of a digital signature, in an electronic transaction, the legal equivalent of a physical signature.

Identrus members will ultimately use the Identrus standards to identify trading patterns to one another in electronic transactions. The initial focus of the Identrus standards will be the business to business area. Existing members include Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and Barclays Bank.

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