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Tuesday, 16th April 2024
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NCB launch web training for investors Back  
Would-be investors can now log on to the NCB stockbrokers’ website and access the company’s online training guide for retail investors.

The guide, entitled ‘Invest for Success’ aims to walk investors through some of the basic and not-so basic areas of the investment industry.

The interactive programme is an innovative solution by NCB to the growing demand for independent investment know-how.

According to NCB the ‘Invest for Success’ programme is ‘a web-based information, education and learning programme that will answer your investment questions and much more.’

The programme can be accessed free of charge on the NCB website and is divided into three parts: The Knowledge Portfolio; The Web Investor and The Successful Investor. Under each heading there are various sub categories which lead into clear explanations.

In ‘The Knowledge Portfolio’ there are such sub headings as ‘Stocks basics’, ‘Types of Mutual Funds’, ‘Price Volatility’ and ‘Time Value of Money’.

‘The Successful Investor’ takes the user into categories like ‘Reducing Risk’, ‘Technical Analysis basics’, and ‘Trading Tactics’.

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